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What is the significance of the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

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Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights is a high-tech product that integrates electronics, machines, and optics. Qualified Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights must be stable and reliable, have good light utilization, accurate positioning, good heat dissipation and lamp bodies and the material structure must meet ergonomic requirements. Computer Moving Head headlamps can be divided into 250W, 575W, 1200W, and other variations of the power size.

How do we install the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

How does the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights work?

What is the specification of the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

How do we install the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

For additional protection, install the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights in areas outside walkways, seating areas, or in areas

where the device could be reached by unauthorized personnel.

Before mounting the device on a surface, make sure that the installation area

Minimum point load of 10-fold device weight.

The installation of the device must always be secured by a secondary safety attachment.

appropriate safety cable.

Never stand directly under the device when installing, disassembling, or waiting.

From a ceiling or on a flat surface.

Make sure that this device at least 0,5 m (1,5 ft) from combustible materials (decoration, etc.).

How does the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights work?

The 3100-3200K is an LED FD front-end light for decoration purposes on site.

Do not turn on the lamp if it has been exposed to severe temperature differences, after transport, as this could damage the light due to environmental changes. So make sure the device is operated until it reaches the normal temperature.

This Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights should be kept away from severe vibrations during transport or movement.

Do not only pull the light up at the head, as this could damage the mechanical parts.

Do not turn the device off with too much dust during the installation. And don't put power lines on the floor. Or it could cause an electric shock to people.

Make sure the installation site is in good safety condition before installing the device.

When installing the lamp, be sure to place the safety chain and check that the screws are properly attached.

Make sure the lens is in good condition. Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights is recommended to replace the units if any damage or severe scratches.

Make sure the device is operated by qualified personnel who know the device before using it.

Store the original packaging if a second delivery is required.

Do not attempt to change the equipment without the instructions of the manufacturer or the authorized representative repair.

It is not within the warranty area if any malfunctions may result from non-compliance with the instructions or illegal operation, such as short circuits, electronic shock, lamp breakage, etc.

What is the specification of the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

1*200W COB LED (warm-white 3100-3200K)

50.000 hours durability and low power consumption

Color rendering index (CRI): Ra

High-efficiency Fresenallins

Flat and even spot image with a soft edge

Auto-zoom system (by DMX) of 15-50

Cases made of robust aluminum casting alloy

Heat insulated rear handle

Heat-insulated buttons and individual aluminum handles for installation

Scheunentor incl.

0-100% Smooth and precise linear dimmer

25T/Sec. High-speed shutter/stroboscope effect with variable speed

Default variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect

2/5 DMX channels

DMX512, master-slave and sound control or automatic operation

4-key LCD, Powrecon connection IN/OUT, 3-pole and 5-pole XLR connections IN/OUT

Soundproof fan integrated with the copper liquid cooling system

Protection type IP20.

PROWALLS has various Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights that can provide the increasing of products, and make them more effective, reliable, and consistent.

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