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  • Creative 6pcs 500x1000mm P3.91 Led Screen As A Dj Booth


    Using only 6pcs 500X1000mm P3.91 Led Screen make a creative dj booth, 4pcs Long panels in a the middle, one panel on each side, great DJ show effects! Read More

  • Mars Hybrid Cmy380w Works Perfect By Grandma


    Mars Hybrid CMY380W is 3-in-1 hybrid moving head beam, spot, and wash luminaire, with the OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 18R 380W 80CRI 8,000K lamp producing over 19,000 lumens. Features include an advanced optical system with motorized zoom from 2.5°in beam mode to spot mode or 53° in wash mode, an advanced int Read More

  • Outdoor P4.81 500x1000mm


    60pcs Panels Outdoor P4.81 500X1000mm in customer's show, IP65 water resistant, over 7500nits high brightness, you can make different layout design, setup one big screen or separately several small led screen, play same or different videos, easy to assemble, operate and unassemble. Read More

  • 600W Cold Spark Machine


    Spark Machine, 18ft Maxium height Flame, no heat to burn, adjustable spark height, Remote and DMX control, very awesome effects, very suitable for DJ, wedding, events. etc. 100% Safety -touch by hand, clothes, Lamps, balls. tasteless. Read More

  • Led Beam 7r-Two Prism, Rainbow Effect


    LED Beam 7R-Two Prism, Rainbow effect is a new LED light, All-new LED technology and design to make its 100W LED brightness over traditional sharpy 230W 7R in 25 meters (82feet), especially its compact size, lightweight suitable for different events venue. Exactly it will replace all discharge movin Read More

  • P3 Fixed Installation Led Screen & Lights


    Prowalls led screen and lights in a church, high quality products and great effect, 576mmX576mm P3 fixed installation led screen, front service, high resolution with good price, and also Prowalls led moving head light, par light and Fresnel studio lights. Read More

  • P2.5 Led Screen In The Conference Hall


    P2.5 led screen, 640mm X 480mm, use as rental and fixed installation led display, mount on the wall, hanging and stacking, support different installation method, high resolution and beautiful color. Read More

  • Array Zoom 25a-Matrix Beam Wash 3-In-1


    Array zoom 25A is a excellent Matrix Beam Wash 3-in-1 LED moving head light, versatile and powerful, 25*15W RGBW 4-in-1 high brightness, 4°-60° extremely quiet zoom and continuous unlimited rotation movement on Pan and Tilt, Pixel animations, Letters, Numbers colorful and beautiful in-air dynamic e Read More

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