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All of Prowalls Lighting fixturesin the largest racecourse in China

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Main effects fixtures 60pcs Led Profile 700W, 98pcs Prowalls 17R Beta, 36pcs Aurora hybrid 200W and 200pcs Elf par lights etc. lighting equipments in the racecourse.


our engineers and lighting designers go there to help customer on installation, works almost 500pcs lights fixtures where all the presets are already done - intensity, colors, gobos, pan and tilt, focus, etc. When we start, we just patch all our fixtures in the events and clone the fixtures from the default show. All  presets are then automatically done.


This exciting indoor venue, competition and Performance, whole effects are saturated vivid colors, high power LED Profile 700W light with a wide zoom range, The absolute silence makes it such a GREAT fixture for racecourse,theatres or concert halls.


Being racecourse, the technical production has certain givens in terms of positions and power, and we utilised the racecourse’s standard ground support setup and worked hard to make all the elements realise the design, which also involved several house fixtures lighting the limestone cliffs behind the stage.


Led Profile 700W with CMY, CTO, Extremely bright Beam/Spot/LED Profile/framing fixture, DMX, RDM,Artnet, Narrow Beams to Wide Washes from 5° to 55°.  4 groups and eight directions of blade, multiple design. Rotating Gobo Wheels, Animation, Iris, Dual Prism, 3 kinds of Frost.

7 colors+ Open. 8 static gobos + open, 6 Rotating gobos + open(interchangable, indexable )

LED Profile 700W is an extremely bright fully featured LED Profile fixture offering outstanding projection quality and a wide color mixing gamut through its original variable SpectraColor engine. and an automated LED framing fixture designed for theater, television and a wide array of other precision lighting applications

Providing up to 45,000 lumens from its efficient 700W 8,000K LED engine, superior output, bright and powerful beams, Variable Linear CTO Color Correction and SpectraColor CMY color mixing system, quiet operation as well as stunningly precise gobos and colors.

Prowalls 17R Beta is Beam Spot Wash 3-in-1 hybrid 3 in 1 moving light, Two Prism, 3D effect, Dichroic color effect. YODN MSD R17 350W Lamp (Optional OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 330W), compact size, bright Multi-Functional Luminaire, 3°-20°Beam Angle and Zoom, three level varying Beam splitting and adjustable the Angle of soft Spot, 13 dichroic Colors+Open, 13 fixed Gobos+open, 9 Interchangeable / Rotating Gobos, 0-100% linear Dimming and focus.

Aurora hybrid 200W is Beam Wash Spot 3-in-1 hybrid LED moving head, New single LED COB 200W, compact size, Super bright and strong Beam, 7-27° Linear Zoom , linear Frost/Dimmer/Focus, 9 colors +open, Rainbow effect, 10 fixed Gobos+open

, 7 Interchangeable / Rotating Gobos and 3D Gobos, extremly quiet motors and fast.

Elf Par lights, indoor and outdoor par light for option, With 25° Beam angles (optional 15°, 45°), users may produce wide washes and smooth color mixing.

IP 65 rating series Elf Par light, it is a great solution for temporary outdoor lighting of stages or events. The IP 65 rating helps protect the fixture from rain, snow and dust for temporary outdoor events.

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