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Why do we need the Rental Mobile LED Screen?

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Rental Mobile LED Screen can be combined with the needs of the scene, and the video can be set up in advance to achieve asynchronous playback. And the effect is clear and the colors are bright! Create an effect that the display and the surrounding scene merge into one.

What is the working principle of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

What are the advantages of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

What are the colors of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

rental led

What is the working principle of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

Rental Mobile LED Screen is an electronic display screen composed of LED dot matrix. The display content of the screen, such as text, animation, pictures, and video, can be converted in time by changing the red and green light beads. The component display control is carried out through a modular structure. Mainly divided into display module, control system and power supply system. The display module of Rental Mobile LED Screen is a dot matrix of LED lights that constitutes the screen to emit light; the control system is to control the brightness in the area to realize the conversion of the content displayed on the screen; the power system is to convert the input voltage and current to meet the need of Rental Mobile LED Screen.

What are the advantages of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

(1) The Rental Mobile LED Screen is equipped with a full-color display, and the introduction of more high-quality imported LED dies makes the screen image high-definition, uniform color, low power consumption, light screen body, thin screen layer, and wide-area viewing angle. Therefore, the probability of failure is small, and it is easy to maintain and maintain.

(2) Rental Mobile LED Screen mainly adopts the PCTV card, a multimedia display card that integrates multiple functions, with better performance, more advanced acquisition methods, accurate video capture, and Studio editing software that matches the display card.

(3) The Rental Mobile LED Screen has an advanced DVI interface technology. Without the help of A/D and D/A conversion, the integrity of the image is guaranteed, the possibility of details is reduced and the computer image is fully displayed on the screen. DVI can support all display modes to ensure the stability and reliability of the data display while having several integrated functions.

What are the colors of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

The light color and light output of Rental Mobile LED Screen depend on the materials and processes used to produce the LED. The bulbs are all blue at the beginning and phosphorus is added on the back. Depending on the different needs of the users, different light colours can be adapted and widely used. There are four types of red, green, blue and yellow. Due to the low working voltage of the LED (only 1,2 ~4,0 V), it can actively emit light with a certain brightness, and the brightness can be adjusted by voltage (or current) and is shock, vibration and long lasting life (100.000 hours). Among the large-format displays there is no other display method that can keep up with the Rental Mobile LED Screen method.

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