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What is the meaning of Indoor Fixed LED Screen?

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Indoor Fixed LED Screen can be inserted and edited at will; it is stable in work and played around the clock; economical, affordable, practical and modern; simple operation, easy modification and convenient maintenance.


How does the data processing of Indoor Fixed LED Screen work?

What are the relevant parameters of Indoor Fixed LED Screen?

What are the advantages of Indoor Fixed LED Screen?


Indoor Fixed LED Screen

How does the data processing of Indoor Fixed LED Screen work?

The Indoor Fixed LED Screen data processing part is composed of a data sending card, a data receiving card and a high-speed data cable.

The Indoor Fixed LED Screen high-speed data transmission cable, as the transmission carrier of digital signals, eliminates the interference caused by the transmission of high-frequency weak signals and increases the stability and reliability of the system.

The data receiving card receives the digital signal from the sending card, automatically distributes the received information to each display unit of the large screen, and provides the display screen with various control signals needed to complete the display, so that the display screen can be displayed. Reproduce the rich, dynamic picture. The timing is controlled by different algorithms to generate grayscale. Indoor Fixed LED Screen can temporarily store a large number of video signals at the same time, and scan to the screen. The data receiving card guarantees the authenticity of the display screen color, the smoothness of the action and the stability of the image.

The data sending card and the receiving card are the bridge connecting the control host and the display body.


What are the relevant parameters of Indoor Fixed LED Screen?

1. Luminous flux:

The energy that the light source radiates to the surrounding space per unit time and causes vision is called luminous flux, expressed by Φ, and the unit is lumens (Lm).

2. Light intensity:

The luminous flux radiated by a light source in a unit solid angle in a specific direction is called the luminous intensity of the light source in that direction, or light intensity for short. It is represented by the symbol I, the unit candela (Cd), I=Φ/W.

3. Illumination:

The received luminous flux per unit area is called illuminance, denoted by E, in lux (Lx), E=Φ/S.

4. Brightness:

The luminous intensity per unit projected area of the luminous body in a given direction is called brightness, which is represented by L, and the unit is candela per square meter (Cd/m).

5. Color temperature:

When the color of the light source is the same as the color emitted by the black body heated to a certain temperature, it is called the color temperature of the light source, or color temperature for short.


What are the advantages of Indoor Fixed LED Screen?

High brightness: Indoor Fixed LED Screen uses ultra-high brightness LEDs, which are still clearly visible from a long distance;

Good effect: Indoor Fixed LED Screen adopts non-linear correction technology, the image is clearer

Strong reliability: Indoor Fixed LED Screen adopts distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, which has higher reliability and stability; diversified display modules: support multiple display modes;

Convenient operation: Indoor Fixed LED Screen adopts general video playback software, which makes the operation very convenient.


Indoor Fixed LED Screen have been used in many fields PROWALLS, maintains close relationships with customers in Indoor Fixed LED Screen industry, and is committed to strengthening production and operation, improving quality and safety.


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