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PROWALLS create customized Creative Display LED Screen solutions. Our range of creative displays represents the next level in LED usability and interaction technology. From high transparency displays catering to outdoor media facades, displays of irregular shapes, soft flexible modules for creative installations with no limitations, to interactive media displays with in-built motion sensors allowing responsive content to be shown. We enjoy pushing the boundaries and redefining the possibilities of the digital landscape with our Creative LED solutions.

  • Sports
    P4.2/P5/P6.4/P8/P10mm, Outdoor Spots

    *Outdoor Spots
    *Unit Size: 50.4"x38.9" x3.9"(1280x987x100mm)
    *Pixel Pitch: P4.2/P5/P6.4/P8/P10mm
    *Application: Outdoor
    *Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz
  • LED Poster
    P2.5mm, Indoor

    *LED Poster
    *Unit Size:25.2"x73.7" x15.6" (640x1872x397 mm)
    *Pixel Pitch: P2.5mm
    *Application: Indoor
    *Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz
  • Flexible
    P1.56/P1.875/P2/P2.5/P3mm, Indoor

    *Thin, Rental, Light Weight, Fast Assembly
    *Module Size:5.9"x7.9"(150mm x200mm) / 4.7"x9.5"(120mm x240mm)
    *Pixel Pitch: P1.56/P1.875/P2/P2.5/P3mm
    *Application: Indoor
    *Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz
  • Transparent 1000x500mm
    P3.91mm, Indoor/Outdoor

    *Thin, Rental, Light Weight, Fast Assembly
    *Unit Size:39.4"x19.7" (1000x500mm)
    *Pixel Pitch: P3.91mm
    *Application: Indoor/Outdoor
    *Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz

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