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  • Truss
    290mm x 290mm, Hot Sale 3.3ft/4ft/6.6ft/8ft/10ft
  • Tower
    Tower, Aluminem Truss with Top & Base Plates
    Truss Height: 
    290mm x 290mm, 0.5m(1.6ft)/1m(3.3ft)/1.2(4ft)/1.5m(5ft)/2m(6.6ft)/2.5m(8ft)/3m(10ft)/4meters(13ft)
    Aluminum Base Plate Standard Size:  12in*12in(300mm*300mm*8mm)/16in*16in(400mm*400mm*8mm)/24in*24in(600mm*600mm*8mm)/30in*30in(762mm*762mm*10mm)
  • Crank Stands
    Heavy-Duty Crank Stands, Tower Lifter, outriggers & Support Bars
    Unit Weight: 85kg / 187lbs
    Max. Load Capacity: 300kg / 660lbs
    Max. Height: 6m / 20ft
    Min. Height: 2m / 6.67ft
    Folded Base: 18in x 18in
    Unfolded Base: 84in x 84in
    Insert Diameter: 2.2in x 2.2in
  • Pro Stands
    Truss Stands, Truss Canopy, Truss Lift Tower, Stage Ground Support System

    Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Main Tube: 50*3,
    Vice Tube: 25*2,
    4-sides Brace Tube: 25*2;
    Safety Span: 14M
    Tower Base with extending Outrigger
    F34 SQUARE TRUSS 3.28 feet ( 1m/2m/3m are available)
    4pcs Outrigger Brace Tubes with clamps
    Sleeve Block 4-Way Junction box
    Truss Top
    4 Hinges
  • Pro Stage
    4ft x 4ft Unit, Portable Platform, Mobile Pro Stage Floor, Adjustable Height 40-59-inch

    *Max load 1200KG/unit Stage
    *18 mm thick exterior-rated plywood deck with virtually zero voids
    *Aluminum frame, corners, and cross profiles
    *stage pillars with 50*3 main Tube
    *Modular, height-adjustable staging system based on aluminium construction.
    *Can be installed on flat as well as on uneven surfaces such as curbs.
    Available in 4ft x 4ft platform sizes.
    *Available in industrial finish and weather-proof all-aluminium finishes.
    *Easy set-up by 2 people.
    *A single staging system can be adjusted to 40” and 59”high with no extra components necessary.
    Purchase for Option: Steps, ramps, guardrails, and transportation trolleys are available.
    *Custom Size for option: 4ft x 8ft
  • Easy Stage
    4ft x 4ft Unit, Portable Platform, Mobile Stage Floor, Adjustable Height 24-40-inch
    *Adjustable Telescoping Legs 24" - 40"(2-3.3ft)
    *18 mm thick exterior-rated plywood deck with virtually zero voids
    *Aluminum frame, corners, and cross profiles
    *Non-slip textured finish black laminate top surface
    *Locking system clamp and leveler for a monolithic floor
    *Quick setup with the support needed in four corners
    *Easy to set up by one person with no tools
    *Create tall risers with leg systems
    *Custom Size for option: 4ft x 8ft

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