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Outdoor Hybrid BWS380

Beam Wash Spot 3in1, Outdoor IP65 Rated waterproof, Osram 18R 380W lamp, Two Gobos wheels

*IP65 rated waterproof Outdoor BWS moving head Light
*Osram R18 380W lamp
*2-45° Angle, sharpy Beam and wide Zoom
*Advanced Optical system and Cooling System
*Two Gobos wheels: fixed gobo wheel and rotating gobo wheel
*Rainbow effect
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  • Outdoor Hybrid BWS380

  • Prowalls

  • Moving Lights 


Outdoor Hybrid BWS380 is a powerful yet compact IP65-rated LED  fixture offering outstanding BWS (Beam Wash Spot) qualities in any environment.

It is the ideal fixture for any outdoor or indoor application requiring superior output, bright and powerful Beams Wash Spot 3in1, and quiet operation, as well as stunningly precise gobos and colors. Outdoor Hybrid BWS380 provides the designer a comprehensive FX package with 14 colors and 12 fixed gobos & 9 rotating gobos, overlapping dual prisms, frost and 0-100% smooth dimming. Its indexable framing system provides full blackout shutter cuts for precise beam shape control.


*IP65 rated waterproof Outdoor BWS moving head Light

*Osram R18 380W lamp

*2-45° Angle, sharpy Beam and wide Zoom

*Advanced Optical system and Cooling System

*Two Gobos wheels: fixed gobo wheel and rotating gobo wheel

*Rainbow effect



Osram R18 380W lamp

580,000 lux @ 10m

2,000 Hours lamp Lifetime (May vary depending on different factors)


2-45° Angle, Super Bright Beam and wide Zoom

8-facet Circular rotating prism, can be rotated in two directions with variable speed

Independent Frost filter

13 colors + white, half-color effect, linear color change and two-way variable speed rotation rainbow effect

Two Gobo wheels:

12 fixed Gobo+open, two directions shaking, animation, water effects

9 rotating glass gobo wheel

0-100% Linear Dimming

Advanced Optical system and Cooling System

Motorized Focus

Three-phase motors

High Speed Mechanical Shutter and Strobe

Precise movement, 540° Pan, 270° Tilit


(1) DMX Channel Modes (18 channels)

Intelligent LCD Display

IP65 3pin DMX In/Out

IP65 powerCON Power In

DMX512, Auto run, Sound, Master/Slave


700W max Power Consumption

Input voltage: 100-240V AC/50-60 Hz


CE | RoHs Compliant | IP65


20.1" (510mm) Length

17.3" (440mm) Width

26.8" (680mm) Height

61.7 lbs (28 kg) net Weight

4 (2)

2 (1)

5 (2)

2 (2)

5 (1)

5 (4)

5 (3)

I  Notice and setup

1. Maintaining

l Keep dry, don’t use it in wet environment.

l Intermittent using can extend the life of item.

l Please often clean fan, fan net and lens to get better cooling and brightness effect.

l Please don’t clean the cover with solvent like alcohol.

2. Statement

To be on the safe side and under the terms of the security, do not allow to restructure and modify this product. Please note that because of man-made damage caused by improper use, is beyond the scope of our warranty.

This equipment pass strict inspection before shipment, please comply with the instruction manual operation requirements, to ensure the safe operation of the product under normal conditions. Any damage caused by improper operation, will cause the cessation of the warranty claim. Manufacturer does not accept any because of improper operation products or non-compliance of the instructions of any liability for property damage and personal injury.

Please place the manual in safe place for future reference and in products for sale or lease or handling running new holder.

3. Notice

l Do not operate when temperature up to 60°

l Make sure the equipment load-bearing structures can withstand the weight of more than 10 times when above ground installation.

l Only professional technique can repair this item to avoid the dangerous of electric shock.

l The power voltage difference can’t be more than 10% when the lamp works. Higher voltage can short the life of lamp and lower voltage can reduce the brightness.

l Cool down for 20 minutes before restart it again

l Please read this notice carefully before your operation.

IV  Normal faulty and using attention

1) Using RDM attention

RDM is an extended version of the DMX512-A protocol and is a remote device management (Remote Device Management) protocol. The traditional DMX512 protocol communication is a one-way communication. The protocol is based on the RS-485 bus, and RS-485 is a time-sharing multi-point, half-duplex protocol. Only one port is allowed to be output by the host at the same time, so pay attention to the following points when using RDM:

●Use a console or master device that supports RDM protocol;    

●To use a bidirectional signal amplifier, the traditional unidirectional signal amplifier does not apply the RDM protocol, because the RMD protocol requires feedback data, and the use of a unidirectional signal amplifier will block the returned data, resulting in no search for fixtures;

●All fixtures must be set to DMX channel mode to ensure that there is only one master on the DMX cable  

●A 120 ohm impedance matching resistor must be inserted between terminals 2 and 3 of the terminal plug. When the DMX cable is relatively long, reducing signal reflection will use differential signals to be more stable, which is beneficial to the quality of communication;

●When the fixtures are controlled by DMX but cannot be searched by RDM, first check the signal amplifier, and then check whether there is a bad contact between the 2 and 3 lines of the signal line

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