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Mars Hybrid CMY380

Osram 380W, CMY & CTO, 3-in-1 Hybrid Beam Spot Wash

*3-in-1 Hybrid Beam, Spot, Wash Luminaire
*OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 380W 80CRI 8,000K Lamp and Advanced Optics
*3D effect, Flame effect, water wave effect
*Full CMY Color Mixing and Linear CTO Color Correction
*Two Prisms
*2.5°- 53° Linear Zoom, Linear Frost, Motorized Focus and Dimming
*High Speed Mechanical Shutter and Strobe
*Color Wheel and three Gobo wheels: Static Gobos, Rotating Gobos, Effect Gobos
*DMX, RDM, Art-NET Support
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  • Mars Hybrid CMY380

  • Prowalls

  • Moving Lights 


Mars Hybrid CMY380 is 3-in-1 hybrid moving head beam, spot, and wash luminaire, with the OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 18R 380W 80CRI 8,000K lamp producing over 19,000 lumens. Features include an advanced optical system with motorized zoom from 2.5° in beam mode to spot mode or 53° in wash mode, an advanced internal thermal cooling system, full CMY and linear CTO color mixing, 8 dichroic colors including CTB, CTO, and UV, 5 effect gobos +open, 7 rotating glass interchangeable and 12 static-stamped metal gobos, full 360° bi-directional animation wheel, 16-facet and 8-facet linear rotating prisms and frost filter, motorized focus and auto-focus, high speed mechanical shutter and strobe, DMX, RDM (Remote Device Management), Art-NET support.


*3-in-1 Hybrid Beam, Spot, Wash Luminaire

*OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 380W 80CRI 8,000K Lamp and Advanced Optics

*Motorized Zoom, Beam and Spot Modes

*Advanced Internal Thermal Cooling System

*Full CMY Color Mixing and Linear CTO Color Correction

*8 Dichroic Colors Including CTB, CTO, and UV

*5 effect gobos +open, 7 Rotating Interchangeable and 12 Static-Stamped Metal Gobos

*Full 360° Bi-Directional Animation Wheel

*Rotating 8-Facet and 16-facet and Linear Prisms and Frost Filter

*Motorized Focus and Auto-Focus

*High Speed Mechanical Shutter and Strobe

*DMX, RDM, Art-NET Support




1,000 Hour Average LAMP Life

LAMP Life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, Usage Patterns (On-Off Cycling), Control, and Dimming.


3-in-1 Hybrid Beam, Spot, Wash Luminaire

Full 360° Bi-Directional Animation Wheel

Motorized 2.5°~ 53° Zoom, Beam and Spot Modes

Frost Filter Hybrid Wash Effect

Advanced Internal Thermal Cooling System

8 Dichroic Colors + open

Full CMY Color Mixing and Linear CTO Color Correction

7 Interchangeable Rotating / Indexing Glass 

12 Static-Stamped Metal Gobos

5 effect gobos +open

Rotating Prisms and Prism Macros

Two Prisms (16-facet and 8-facet linear independent rotating prisms)

Motorized Focus and Auto-Focus

0-100% linear dimmer

High Speed Mechanical Shutter and Strobe

DMX, RDM, Art-NET Support

3 phase Motor, 540° Pan, 270° Tilt

Extremly quiet motors and ajustable speed of Fans


(2) DMX Channel Modes (24/32 channels)

Intelligent Touch LCD Display

3-pin DMX In/Out

PowerCON Power In/Out

DMX512, RDM, Art-NET, Auto run, Sound, Master/Slave


560W max Power Consumption

Input voltage: 100-240V AC/50-60 Hz


CE | RoHs Compliant | IP20


Length: 18.9" (480mm)

Width: 18.1" (460mm)

Vertical Height: 28.9" (735mm)

Weight: 55.1 lbs. (25 kg) 

Resources Download

Fixture Libraries

DMX Traits

User Manual


1. Fuse of the replacement

Disconnect the product from the mains prior before changing a fuse.

Only replace the fuse by a fuse of same type and rating! An incorrect fuse could damage or destruct the lighting effect.

Replace a fuse by levering the fuse holder cover with an appropriate screwdriver. Remove the old fuse and place the fuse inside the holder. Replace the fuse holder and insert it.

Never connect the lighting effect to the mains prior with opened housing.

2. Care instructions

 The product must be freed regularly from dust, other deposits and contamination as this may reduce the protective insulation .which may lead to a fatal electric shock!

Before cleaning, always disconnect the product from mains!

This product should be cleaned with a moist cloth only; never use aggressive cleaning agents, solvents or benzine for cleaning.

3. Supply Voltages, Mains Cord and Connection to Mains

l The handling of supply voltage, mains cords and connections to mains calls for particular care considering the risk from a life-threatening electric shock, the risk of fire and the risk of short circuits! Please observe the following notes in particular:

l Products operating on supply voltage should be kept out of the reach of children. Therefore ensure the permanent supervision if children are in the immediate vicinity of the product!

l For commercial facilities the regulations on the prevention of accidents of the respective trade association must be observed. The operation of this equipment at schools, training facilities, and hobby or self-help workshops must be supervised responsibly by trained personnel.

l Check the product regularly for any damage to the mains cord! Should you discover any damage to the mains cord, do not operate or disconnect this product! Secure the product against accidental operation and contact your specialized dealer Always separate the product from mains by holding the mains plug by the handling surface. Never disconnect by holding the line cord! Be sure to connect the product exclusively to 230 V, 50 Hz A/C!

l Always ensure during installation, operation, transport and when storing the product that the mains cord is not exposed to possible mechanical damage, or damage caused by humidity, fluids, heat or cold!

l The product's cable entry must not be exposed to stress from pull! Create the mains connection once the product has been installed only. Always connect the mains plug last!

l The product must only be connected to a proper outlet of the public supply grid. Connect the mains cord to suitable outlets only! Use extensions cords in compliance with specifications only! Do not allow the mains cord to come into contact with other cords!

l Ensure during installation, operation, transport and storage that none of the cables are freely exposed! Never touch the mains cord, mains plug and outlets with wet or damp hands!

l When not using the product, and prior to cleaning always disconnect the product from mains! To do so, hold the mains plug by the handling surface and never pull the mains cord!

l Never connect the device to dimmer packs!

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