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Blinder & Strobe Lights are used for special effect lighting. Blinder Lights are the fixture that is intended to shine a bright light positioned toward the audience. This gives a spectacular big effect and enlightens the audience. they are ideal for creating unique effects that capture the attention of all attendees. Strobe Lights (stroboscopic lamp) can create a flashing effect. Each burst of light is incredibly bright and very short. When chained together, the bursts function and pulses, cycling between incredibly bright flashes and darkness.

  • Cannon COB4
    4x100W 3200K-5600K, Blinder and strobe 2-in-1, 55° Beam Angle

    *Blinder and strobe 2-in-1
    *4x100W Warm White 3,200K COB LEDs (Optional Cool White 5600K or Warm White and Cool White 2-in-1)
    *Individual Control of Each COB Module
    *60° Beam Angle, 15-30m Projection distance
    *Flicker FREE Operation for TV and FILM

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