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What is the meaning of LED-Based Moving Lights?

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The reason why LED-Based Moving Lights can become an indispensable lamp in the stage lighting system is very obvious. With the advancement of science and technology, the function of LED moving head lights has been significantly improved compared with traditional LED lamps, so it can become a pivotal position today.

What are the product features of LED-Based Moving Lights?

What are the reasons why people choose LED-Based Moving Lights?

How is the production process of LED-Based Moving Lights?

LED-Based Moving Lights

What are the product features of LED-Based Moving Lights?

LED-Based Moving Lights adopts an advanced appearance design concept and has a unique design, which makes its structure more sturdy and compact. What's more important is that it has the advantages of easy operation, safety and reliability. Low light decay is also a major feature of it. Since LED-Based Moving Lights do not have their lifespan to pursue their high brightness, they can effectively control the service life of more than 30,000 hours under the condition of good heat dissipation. And its built-in convection heat transfer speeds up the heat dissipation, and has a good mode and independent control system, so that it is convenient to debug the brightness program of the lamp separately.

What are the reasons why people choose LED-Based Moving Lights?

When the lamp recognizes that the stability exceeds the standard, the LED-Based Moving Lights automatically reduce the brightness and adjust the self-temperature control, thereby effectively protecting the lifetime of the LED-Based Moving Lights brightness is automatically improved. In addition, the fan can also adjust the speed automatically, which can also play a good role in cooling and also has the purpose of reducing noise.

How is the production process of LED-Based Moving Lights?

1. Cleaning: Use ultrasound to clean and dry the PCB or LED holder.

2. Installation: After you have prepared the electrode at the bottom of the LED chip (large wafer) with silver glue, extend it and place the extended chip (large wafer) on the crystal piercing table and use the crystal pen to remove the chip under the microscope. Installed successively on the corresponding pads of the PCB or LED holder and then soldered to harden the silver adhesive.

3. Pressure welding: Use an aluminium wire or gold wire welding device to connect the electrode to the LED chip as a conduit for electricity injection. LED-Based Moving Lights are mounted directly on the PCB, usually with an aluminium wire welding machine.

4. Capping: The LED chip and the bonding wire are protected by applying adhesive with epoxy resin. Applying adhesive to the printed circuit board imposes strict requirements on the shape of the adhesive after hardening, which is directly related to the brightness of the finished background lighting. This process also assumes the task of phosphorus (white light LED).

5. soldering: if the background lighting is SMD LED or other enclosed LEDs, the LEDs must be soldered to the PCB prior to the assembly process.

6. Film cutting: Use a plunger to punch various diffusion films and reflective films required for background lighting.

7. Installation: In accordance with the requirements of the drawings, the different materials of the background lighting are manually positioned.

8. Test: Check whether the photoelectric parameters of the light source and the uniformity of the light are good.

9. Packaging: The finished products are packed and stored as required.

To meet these growing demands, PROWALLS has committed to providing the increasing of rolling and LED-Based Moving Lights, and make them more effective, reliable, and consistent.

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