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What does LED profile HP mean?

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LED profile HP is a flexible decorative high-end lamp that is characterized by low power consumption, long service life, high brightness, easy bending, maintenance freedom, etc. excellent. It is particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment, building contours, and the production of advertising boards.


What is the production material of LED profile HP?

What color effect does the LED profile HP have?

What are the advantages of the LED profile HP?


LED profile HP

What is the production material of LED profile HP?

The LED profile HP housing consists of an aluminum alloy with light lines, a simple structure, beautiful appearance, robustness, corrosion resistance, and easy installation.

The surface of LED profile HP is electrostatically sprayed and has good resistance to high temperature and weather. The reflector uses an imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high light performance. 3MM thick high-strength hardened glass, high light permeability, impact strength.

The built-in guaranteed level of protection can reach IP65.

HX-XQ color palette: red, yellow, blue, green, white, and color

Radiation angle: 15-60

Light radiation distance: 20 meters

Control: DMX512 controller or simple Wallwasher controller

Aluminum alloy

Connection method Standard signal network cable connection 3-polymer signal connection.


What color effect does the LED profile HP have?

LED profile HP can achieve 16 million colors of static indicator film changes by color adjustment: Flashes and dimmers

Cross-colouring: change several color temperatures alternately in intervals

Hunting for change: Several color temperatures catch up

Flow function: A single color temperature circulates regularly


What are the advantages of the LED profile HP?

1. High energy-saving: energy saving without pollution is environmental protection. Direct current drive, low power consumption, light power conversion close to 100%, and the same light effect of LED profile HP is more than 80% energy saving than conventional light sources.

2. Long life: Some people call LED profile HP a longevity lamp, which means that a lamp does not go out. The fixed cold light source, epoxy resin encapsulation, there are no loose parts in the lamp body, there are no defects in the filament light, light burning, thermal separation, light loss, etc. The life span can reach 50.000 hours, which is more than ten times longer than the life span of conventional light sources.

3. Diversity: The light source of the LED profile HP can use the principle of the three primary colors red, green, and blue, under the control of computer technology, the three colors have 256 gray levels and randomly mix them, which can create 256 to 256 = 16777216 colors = To form a combination of different light colors, to achieve a variety of dynamic effects and different images.

4, environmental protection: LED profile HP offers better environmental benefits. There is no ultraviolet and infrared in the light source, no heat or radiation, little blinding, and the waste can be recycled, no pollution, no mercury element, cold light source, touchable, It is a typical green light source.


I think after reading this, you have already planned what kind of LED profile HP you want to buy. TESTS. is an established manufacturer of LED profile HPs for more than several years? We work with customers from design to completion to ensure that all technical requirements are met.

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