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PROWALLS is committed to be the world's Top brands LED display and stage lighting Manufacturers as the enterprise vision.Here you can find all kinds of led screens.

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As one of the world's leading LED Display and Lighting manufacturers, PROWALLS uses high-quality technology and develops stage products that are reliable at all times. Before shipment, all products are subjected to strict three-time Quality Control testing and strict aging testing. By offering our clients and users peace of mind, we ensure that a great performance remains in their minds forever.
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30 May 2022
How to use the Rental Mobile LED Screen?

Rental Mobile LED Screen products are portable, easy to install, simple to use, and convenient to transport. Rental Mobile LED Screen meets other requirements and advantages required by the owner through software design and system control. It can be designed with a frame structure, which is convenient and reliable to disassemble and assemble, and is easy to maintain and apply to various large entertainment venues and large-scale events.

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07 June 2022
What can we know about the Outdoor Fixed LED Screen?

Outdoor Fixed LED Screen, as the new favorite of outdoor display advertising media in the future, is widely used in finance, taxes, industry and commerce, mail and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories, and mining companies, transport, education systems, railway stations, terminals, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, banks, Securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, management of industrial enterprises and other public places. Has media display, information sharing, traffic management, creative display, and other purposes.

Outdoor Fixed LED Screen1.png
10 June 2022
What is the meaning of Outdoor Fixed LED Screen?

Outdoor Fixed LED Screen is a screen that uses light-emitting diodes (LED) to emit light independently to display information, which is applied in an outdoor environment and fixed installation. Outdoor fixed installation LED displays rely on their large area (usually between tens to thousands of squ

Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights.png
24 June 2022
What are the steps of using Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

The Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights effect is produced through different modeling scenes, different color changes, different viewing angles, changes in horizontal and vertical light angles, speed, stroboscopic speed, aperture size change, focal length change and other comprehensive performance.

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Quality, Innovation, Service, Honesty, Responsibility, Efficient, Patience, Diligence

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