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PROWALLS excellent two theatrical fixtures

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PROWALLS excellent two theatrical fixtures, LED Ellipsoidal HP and LED FD Fresnel are the perfect pairing for any theatre looking to successfully launch themselves into the modern day with incredible brightness, impressive color mixing, and RDM features.


Add the newly designed lens tubes for ultimate brightness from every location in your theatre. Hang these in a box boom, on a catwalk, or from the farthest back of house position, and know that with up to 13,000 lumens, their brightness will out-perform your expectations time and time again. Designers will also appreciate the reduced light leak and near-zero chromatic aberration.


PROWALLS also adds a redesigned classic to their portfolio with LED FD Fresnel . This Fresnel takes the best of the incandescent theatrical favorite and pairs it with the latest technology has to offer. 


Everything you love from incandescent LED FD Fresnel– smooth, beautiful light, impressive barn dooring, and adjustable zoom – has been incorporated into Desire Fresnel. Prowalls has reworked how the lamp and lens work together so you get more light through the entire zoom range.


LED Ellipsoidal HP and LED FD Fresnel are the perfect pairing for any theatre. Smooth wash, ultimate brightness, and impressive color mixing for every stage.


LED Ellipsoidal HP features a High Powered 200W/300W >90CRI, 19°, 26°, 36°, and 50° interchangeable lens options (sold separately), (4) blade manual framing shutters, manual focus, DMX controlled electronic strobe, and variable dimming curve modes, adjustable refresh frequency and gamma brightness for flicker free operation for TV and FILM. Color Option single WW(Warm white) or CW(Cool white) or RGBW 4in1(Red, Green, Blue, White), Extremely quiet fan, Copper tube heat Sinking, no any noise.


LED FD Fresnel is a Fresnel wash utilizing data and power sensors that make it possible to run on both dimming power systems and constant power rigs. It features a imported Japan Citizen COB LED, 3200K/5600K, 200W/300W. The unit projects a bright, beautifully soft field of light, the phenomenal dimming and the smooth. A motorized zoom with a 15° – 50° field angle allows you to add light where it is needed, can be control via DMX, flicker-free use on camera. Color customizable WW+CW 2in1 (Warm white+Cool white)/RGB 3in1 (Red, Green, Blue)/RGBW 4in1 (Red, Green, Blue, White)


They are very good for stage, studio, TV shows, Theater, Concert, Fashion show etc. you get a simple and cost-effective color-changing retrofit that can upgrade an existing lighting system quickly, allowing you to create even more stage looks than before. using less energy, lower maintenance and all this at a very compelling price point.

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