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What does Rental Mobile LED Screen mean?

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The Rental Mobile LED Screen can be freely filmed with the program and a screen can be divided into several video screens for transmission. The display screen can be used independently, combined and in any combination to play related large backgrounds. The large screen can be displayed in sections according to the actual needs of the scene.

What is the lighting principle of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

How can we combine the Rental Mobile LED Screens in general?

How can we choose a Rental Mobile LED Screen based on brightness?


Rental Mobile LED Screen 

What is the lighting principle of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

Rental Mobile LED Screen is a display method that controls semiconductor light emitters. It is a diode of a compound of gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N) and indium (In). It can emit visible light when combined with holes so that it can be used for the production of LEDs. Used as indicator lamps in circuits and instruments or consists of text or digital displays. Phosphorus-gallium-arsenic-diodes emit red light, gallium-phosphide diodes emit green light, silicon-carbide diodes emit yellow light and indium-gallium-nitride-diodes emit blue light.


How can we combine the Rental Mobile LED Screens in general?

The screen, which is produced by merging the red and green Rental Mobile LED Screens chips or tubes into a pixel, is called a three-colour or two-colour screen. Put the red, green and blue LED chips or tubes together to form one. The pixel display is referred to as a triple or full colour screen. If only one colour is present, this is called a monochrome or monochrome screen. The pixel size of the Rental Mobile LED Screen is usually 1,5-12 mm. It is often used to pack several LED chips that can produce different primary colors in one. The pixel size is usually 6-41,5 mm, and each pixel consists of a number of different monochromatic LEDs. The usual end product is called a pixel tube. The two-color pixel tube generally consists of 2 red and 1 green, and the three-color pixel tube uses 1 red. 1 green and 1 blue composition.


How can we choose a Rental Mobile LED Screen based on brightness?

The combination of diode system and semiconductor improves its production materials and manufacturing processes, breaking through the original brightness and colour limitations, and using a large number of blue diodes and pure green light diodes, to increase the brightness of the display. This further improves the benefits of Rental Mobile LED Screen in outdoor environments, adapts to different display requirements and increases the effective value of LEDs in different environments. The assessment of the performance of Rental Mobile LED Screen must be the result of comprehensive consideration, as the related performance indicators are closely linked and influence indicators such as brightness, angle of view and resolution. Surface mounted LED devices are currently used in full-colour high-density inner displays to improve the viewing angle and brightness performance of the display.


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