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PROWALLS LED Studio Light included Led Leko Light,  Led Ellipsoidal Light,  LED Profile Spotlight,  Led Fresnel Spotlight,  Fresnel Stage Light,  Video Panel Light,  Led Blinder Light,  Studio Par Light,  Led Car Show Light,  Follow Spot Light,  Led Theater Light,  Studio Lighting, Theatre Spotlight,  Led Video Light,  Led Panel Light,  Led Photography Light,  Soft Projection Light,  Led Soft Light. Warm & Cool White, RGBW. Fixtures are fitted with a bracket that can be easily secured into place at any desired angle using the built-in side-mounted locking levers.

  • LED FD Fresnel
    200W/300W, 3200K/5600K, LED COB Fresnel, motorized Zoom

    *200W or 300W, 3200K warm white/5600K cool white
    *Imported Japan Citizen COB LED
    *High quality Nichia IC Chip, CRI≥93, max.97
    *Extremely quiet fan, Copper tube heat Sinking, no any noise
    *Linear dimming and 15-50 degree linear motorized Zoom
    *Bright and beautifully soft field of light, Spot uniform distribution
    *Customizable WW+CW 2in1(Warm white+Cool white)/RGB 3in1(Red, Green, Blue)/RGBW 4in1(Red, Green, Blue, White)
  • LED Ellipsoidal HP
    200W/300W Citizen LED, WW/CW/RGBW, COB, Touch Screen

    *200W or 300W COB LED
    *Imported Japan Citizen COB LED
    *Interchangeable Lens Options (19°, 26°, 36°, 50°)
    *High quality Nichia IC Chip, CRI≥90
    *Extremely quiet fan, Copper tube heat Sinking, no any noise
    *Color: Option single WW(Warm white) or CW(Cool white) or RGBW 4in1(Red, Green, Blue, White)
    *Touch Screen
  • LED Ellipsoidal Zoom
    Wide Zoom, 200W/300W Citizen COB LED, WW/CW/RGBW, Touch Screen

    *RGBW 4in1(200W),Cool White(200W/300W), Warm White(200W/300W) COB LED
    *Imported Japan Citizen COB LED
    *Beam angle: Zoom from 12°to 30°or 25°to 50°
    *High quality Nichia IC Chip, CRI≥90
    *Extremely quiet fan, Copper tube heat Sinking, no any noise
    *4 kinds Dimming Curve
    *Focus and Zoom can be adjustable by hand
    *High-quality optical system, glass reflector
    *Touch Screen
  • LED TV Panel
    LED 200W, 3,200K - 5,800K

    *Dynamic White 115°Beam TVL Panel SoftLight
    *Linear White Color Temp Range (3,200K - 5,800K)
    *Smooth 16bit Dimming Curve Mode Effects
    *Linear Dimmer and Color Temperature Rotary Control Dials
    *Adjustable / Removable Barn Doors Included
    *Flicker Free Operation for TV and FILM
  • LED Profile HP
    LED COB 200W Lekos

    *LED COB 200W Lekos
    *Interchangeable Lens Options (19°, 26°, 36°, 50°)
    *Imported Japan Citizen COB LED
    *High CRI≥93
    *Extremely quiet fan, Copper tube heat Sinking, no any noise
    *150W RGB LED Engine (COLORLED HD Profiles)
    *200W, 3200k LED Engine (LED HD Tungsten)
    *200W, 5600k LED (LED HD Daylight)
    *200W, 3200k-5600k, Variable color temperature (VARLED HD)
  • Mini LED Profile 20W
    Mini Leko, LED COB 20W, Spot light

    *Single WW/CW/WW+CW 2in1
    *Imported Japan Citizen COB 20W LED
    *Interchangeable Lens Options (19°, 26°, 36°and 50°field angles)
    *Mini size, very lightweight, easy to carry
    *Adjustable focus by hand

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