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What is the meaning of the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

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Qualified Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights must be stable and reliable, have good light efficiency, accurate positioning, good heat dissipation, and the lamp body and material structure must meet the ergonomic requirements.

How much power does Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights use?

How to install Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

What are the electrical characteristics of Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

discharge-lamp moving lights

How much power does Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights use?

Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights can be divided into 250W, 575W, 1200W and other varieties from the use of power. Among them, 1200W is the main lamp type for professional performance venues. This article focuses on the analysis of the construction principle of the 1200W moving head light. In a nutshell, Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights is composed of three major systems: optical, mechanical, electrical, and program control. The three systems are interrelated and organically combined to meet the needs of light, color, speed, direction, effect, heat dissipation, noise, positioning and other elements.

How to install Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

Before locating the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights, ensure the stability of the installation site. When installing inverted hanging, use two sets of professional big hooks with M10 screws and screw them into the hanging screw holes on the lower plate of the scanner. It is necessary to ensure that the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights do not fall down on the support frame. Use a safety rope through the support frame and the lamp handle to prevent the Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights from falling and sliding. When the lamp is installed and debugged, pedestrians are prohibited from passing underneath. Regularly check whether the safety rope is worn and the hook is loose. Occurred because the hanging installation is unstable, causing the lamp to fall and the manufacturer does not pay any responsibility.

What are the electrical characteristics of Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights?

The vast majority of professional 1200W Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights worldwide use rare gas discharge bulb light sources. The starting and stable operation of the gas discharge bulb depends on the design of the circuit type, power supply, ballast and other electrical components. After the rare gas discharge bulb is started, it generally does not need a stable time. To ensure stability, the difference between the circuit's sustaining voltage and the instantaneous voltage of Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights should be sufficiently large during the entire AC cycle.

For the start, stability, extinguishment, and restart of the light source, the circuit should be designed according to the characteristics of the light source. The starting voltage of the rare gas discharge bulb is very high, requiring the use of transformers, starting devices, and semi-resonant circuits to increase the instantaneous starting voltage. The stability of the light source after starting depends on the matching of the ballast and circuit parameters. The basic function of the ballast is to prevent the current from running out of control and make the light source work under its normal electrical characteristics.

Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights manufacturers usually use two kinds of ballasts, one is an inductive rectifier and the other is an electronic rectifier. The advantage of the inductive rectifier is its stability, but the disadvantage is its heavy weight. It has high requirements on the intensity, handling, and loading and unloading of the lamp body. The electronic rectifier is essentially a power conversion circuit, which performs frequency, waveform and amplitude of the input power current. Its advantages are light weight, convenient loading and unloading, and transportation; disadvantages are high structural design requirements and high maintenance costs.

Only the selected high-quality Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights can give full play to its advantages. PROWALLS commits to provide perfect Discharge-Lamp Moving Lights and service for every customer.

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