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LED200W Beam Spot Wash 3in1 Moving Head Light

Beam Wash Spot BWS 3-in-1, LED COB 200W, Linear Zoom, 3D effect, Rainbow

*Beam Wash Spot BWS 3-in-1 Hybrid
*New single LED COB 200W
*Super bright and strong Beam
*4-Facet Rotating Prisms ( 2 direction)
*7-27° Linear Zoom , linear Frost/Dimmer/Focus
*9 colors +open, Rainbow effect, two Gobo wheels, 3D Gobos
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  • Aurora Hybrid 200W

  • Prowalls

  • Moving Lights 


Aurora Hybrid 200W is BSW ( Beam Spot Wash) 3-in-1 hybrid LED moving head, New single LED COB 200W, compact size, bright Multi-Functional Luminaire.


*Beam Wash Spot BWS 3-in-1 Hybrid

*New single LED COB 200W

*Super bright and strong Beam

*4-Facet Rotating Prisms ( 2 direction)

*7-27° Linear Zoom , linear Frost/Dimmer/Focus

*9 colors +open, Rainbow effect, two Gobo wheels, 3D Gobos



New single LED COB 200W

7500K color temperature, CRI>75

50,000 Hours LED Lifetime (May vary depending on different factors)


BWS ( Beam Wash Spot ) 3-in-1 Hybrid

4-Facet Rotating Prisms ( 2 direction)

9 dichroic Colors+Open, halfcolor and rainbow effect

10 fixed Gobos+open

7 Interchangeable / Rotating Gobos, 3D gobos (Rotating in both directions at variable speed)

7-27° Linear Zoom and Frost

Adjustable the Angle of soft Spot

0-100% linear Dimming

Linear motorized Focus

Linear Frost, awesome wash effect

Variable from 1-25 flashes or random strobe

3 Phase Motor on Pan/Tilt ( Ultra Fast, precise silent movement)

Extremly quiet motors and fast, stable


(1) DMX Channel Modes (18 channels)

Intelligent LCD Display

3-pin DMX In/Out

PowerCON Power In/Out

DMX512, Auto run, Sound, Master/Slave


280W max Power Consumption

Input voltage: 100-240V AC/50-60 Hz


CE | RoHs Compliant | IP20


16.1" (410mm) Length

12.4" (315mm) Width

26.4" (670mm) Height

26.5 lbs (12 kg) Weight

What do moving head lights do?

Pan and Tilt: Moving heads can move, and they do so via Pan (spin) and Tilt.  Most moving lights will specify in degrees how far they can pan and  tilt. Focus: Manual or motorized focus will allow you to focus or  unfocus the beam coming out of your light in spot and beam fixtures.

What are moving stage lights called?

An automated light, properly called a luminaire, fixture (or sometimes moving head), is a versatile and multi-function instrument designed to replace multiple conventional, non-moving lights.

What is DMX lighting?DMX is an acronym for Digital Multiplex. It is the standard digital communication protocol that is used to remotely control intelligent lighting fixtures.

What is a moving wash?

Moving Head Wash Lights are versatile LED moving heads with full colour mixing capabilities.  Fantastic for almost any application from small to large. An LED moving  head wash produces super-crisp optics and an even output for amazing  effects. They look fantastic on stage and are DMX compatible for easy  control.

What is a DMX controller for LEDs?

DMX is a digital-network communication standard that offers flexible control options for a wide variety of lighting, including LEDs.  Originally developed in the 1980s, DMX has become the go-to choice for  stage lighting, upscale venues and complex lighting effects.

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