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Indoor Fine Pitch LED Display for TV Studio

P1.25/P1.56/P1.875mm, Indoor Fixed/Rental

*Indoor Fixed & Rental 2in1, Light Weight, Front service
*Pixel Pitch: P1.25/P1.56/P1.875mm
*Application: Fixed/Rental
*Refresh Rate: Over 3840hz
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  • Prowalls
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CabinetFine Pitch 600*337.5mm Indoor Fixed/Rental
LED TypeSMD1010SMD1010SMD1515
Module PrameterPixel Pitch(mm)P1.25mmP1.56mmP3mm
Module Size(mm)200mm x168.75mm200mm x168.75mm300mm x168.75mm
Module Resolution(pixel)160x 135 pixels128x 108 pixels160x90 pixels
Module quantity/unit3*2=6pcs3*2=6pcs2*2=4pcs
Cabinet PrameterCabinet Size(mm)23.6"x13.3"(600*337.5mm)23.6"x13.3"(600*337.5mm)23.6"x13.3"(600*337.5mm)
Cabinet Resolution(pixel)480x270pixels384x216pixels320x180pixels
MaterialDie-cast AluminumDie-cast AluminumDie-cast Aluminum
Cabinet Weight(Kg)18.7 lbs(8.5kg)18.7 lbs(8.5kg)18.7 lbs(8.5kg)
LED Screen PrameterPixel Density(pixel/㎡)640000pix/㎡409600pix/㎡284444pix/㎡
Refresh Rate(Hz) 3840 Hz3840 Hz3840 Hz
Gray Level 16bit16bit16bit
Driving Mode27 scan27 scan30 scan
Avg. Power Consumption100W/㎡100W/㎡100W/㎡
Max. Power Consumption420W/㎡420W/㎡420W/㎡
The Optimal Viewing Distance1-50m1.5-50m1.8-50m
Viewing Angle H:170° V:170°H:160° V:160°H:160° V:160°
Waterproof LevelNone,IP20
Service Access Back/Front Access
MTBF≥20,000 hours
LED  Life-span≥100,000 hours
Continuons Operating Hours≥72 hours
Operating Temp/Humidity Temperature:-20℃~+60℃
Humidity:10%~90% RH
Storage Temp/Humidity  -40℃~60℃, 10~90%RH
Input Signal DVI, HDMI, SDI, VGA
Certification CCC, CE, UL,FCC
Control requirementsConnect to computer
Software InterfaceBy PC, Windows98/2000/NT/XP/Vista

What is pitch in LED screens?

Pixel pitch describes the density of the pixels (LED clusters) on an LED display and correlates with resolution. Sometimes referred to as pitch or dot pitch, the pixel pitch is the distance in millimeters from the center of a pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel.

What millimeter pitch would typically be considered a fine pitch LED display?

LED manufacturers generally say the buyer sweet spot, at least right now, for fine-pitch LED displays, is roughly 2mm to 2.5mm. This balances viewing needs and budget practicalities

What is fine pixel pitch?

What Is Fine Pixel Pitch? Pixel pitch is a way of measuring the image quality of a direct-view LED display. More specifically, it refers to the distance between the center of each pixel within an LED panel. This can range anywhere from just below 1 mm to as much as 34 mm for very large outdoor displays.

What is a good dot pitch for a monitor?

The sharper the image, the smaller the dot pitch. CRT monitors and flat-screen displays both have dot pitch. While some large-screen CRTs have a dot pitch of 0.51 mm, many computer displays have a dot pitch of 0.25 to 0.28 mm. Similarly, the dot pitch on most LCD panels is between 0.20 and 0.28 mm.

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