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Prowalls Rental Led Screen for Staging, Indoor and Outdoor Pan

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PROWALLS professional, the leading LED displays manufacturer and solutions provider released a new rental LED display - ipanel H3/M3 version

Two Sizes Cabinets Adaptable and Compatible Connection, 500*500mm & 500*1000mm cabinets are adaptable and compatible connection to build different size screens easily and quickly. 

Due to its innovative features and a truly revolutionary experience, the product deservedly won the Red Dot Awards prize in 2021, opening a new chapter in rental display design. We propose you to discover the three main features of ipanel H3/M3 that will change your rental experience in all kinds of different ways. Installation of video wall will never be the same after your acquaintance with this product.


Building a video wall for tours and events can be challenging. Stable performance, fast-building creative installations are always significant factors for customers. The ipanel H3/M3 series combines the very best of PROWALLS’s many years of rental experience in a compact, convenient and protective design. The product achieves a high-quality visual performance while surpassing existing products in the market in terms of ease of use.

Flexible Mounting, Two installation method, stacking installation and hanging installation, easy to set up and operate rental led display


Previously, the installation of LED screen required two persons. With newly designed click-lock, ipanel H3/M3 allows to release the hands from the locks to automatically complete a valid connection between the cabinets. It realizes the first in the industry true single-person installation, saving 1/3 labor cost. In addition, protection features are needed to protect LEDs from damage during year-around travel and intense installation process. Keeping that in mind, ipanel H3/M3 introduced flip-shield corner protection effectively avoiding accidental impact for the LEDs. 


Meanwhile, customizable curve lock makes it possible to create curves within -10 degree to +10 degree allowing more flexibility to realize variation shapes and forms. 


Second customizable front service modular design and pluggable power box achieves super easy maintenance minimizing users' time and effort. These grand features make ipanel H3/M3 perfect for event and stage designers who demand the very best when it comes to visual effect while increasing work efficiency and minimizing risks of on the field.

Flexible Maintenance, Special push and pull design between module and cabinet Fully front and rear service available.

Full Front & Rear Access Maintenance, Screwless module and power box are separate design, can be full front and rear maintenance.


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