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Mars Hybrid Cmy380w Works Perfect By Grandma

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-29      Origin: Site


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Mars Hybrid CMY380W  is 3-in-1 hybrid moving head beam, spot, and wash luminaire, with the OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 18R 380W 80CRI 8,000K lamp producing over 19,000 lumens. Features include an advanced optical system with motorized zoom from 2.5°in beam mode to spot mode or 53° in wash mode, an advanced internal thermal cooling system, full CMY and linear CTO color mixing, 8 dichroic colors including CTB, CTO, and UV, 5 effect gobos +open, 7 rotating glass interchangeable and 12 static-stamped metal gobos, full 360°bi-directional animation wheel, 16-facet and 8-facet linear rotating prisms and frost filter, motorized focus and auto-focus, high speed mechanical shutter and strobe, DMX, RDM (Remote Device Management), Art-NET support,works perfect by GrandMA console.


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