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64pcs dancing LED Digital Cableless Magnetic Dance Floor

Cableless Magnetic, 64pcs SMD RGB 3in 1, Fast installation

*64pcs SMD RGB 3in 1
*Cableless Magnetic installation, easy and fast
*L600xW600xH43mm(L23.6"*W23.6"xH1.69"inches) unit
*High brightness
*Tempered glass Cover Material
*500KG/m2 Supporting weight 
*Protection Level : IP55/IP65
*SD & DMX & PC & Remote Controller control for option
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  • LED Digital Dance Floor

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  • Dance Floor 


Our LED Dance Floors Are The Thinnest, Safest & Most Popular. Shop Floors Now! State Of The Art. Dance Floor Specialists. Fits Any Budget. Easy-To-Assemble, Trip-Proof, Safe, Thin & Popular, Featured On Bar Rescue.


*64pcs SMD RGB 3in 1

*Cableless Magnetic installation, easy and fast

*L600xW600xH43mm(L23.6"*W23.6"*H1.69"inches) unit

*High brightness

*Tempered glass Cover Material

*500KG/m2 Supporting weight

*Protection Level : IP55/IP65

*SD & DMX & PC control for option



5050 SMD RGB 3in 1 64pcs LEDs

≥50,000 hours Life span


Control mode: SD control, DMX512, Remote Control, sounds active, PC control ( Madrix acceptable)

Size(mm): L600xW600xH43mm(L23.6"*W23.6"*H1.69"inches) unit

Supporting weight: 500KG/m2

Brightness: High brightness

Cover Material: Tempered glass

Housing Material: High strength ABS

Protection Level : IP55/65

Visual angle: 120°

Isolating Grade: CLASSE II

Resolution: 8*8=64pcs LEDs/unit

Net weight: 10.8KG

Power supply: Built-in


Input voltage:AC90-240V

Working temperature: -20~ +45℃


Cableless Magnetic

SD control, PC software control, Remote control, audio control and DMX control


20W max Power Consumption

Input voltage: 100-240V AC/50-60 Hz


CE | RoHs Compliant | IP55/IP65


23.6" (600mm) Length

23.6" (600mm) Width

1.69" (43mm) Height

23.8 lbs (10.8 kg) Net Weight

What is LED dance floor?

The LED Dance Floor is the new generation of the disco era lighted dance floor. As went disco, so did the old incandescent lighting technology for lighted floors . With the advent of LED technology, LED floors have become more popular than ever and are in great demand.

What are LED dance floors made of?

The floors are typically constructed of solid sided square cells and tiled with a toughened glass, acrylic glass or Lexan top. The sides and bottoms are made reflective and the top diffuses the light to give an even colour. The floor can display different patterns and flash under computer control.

Which floor is best for dancing?

For really professional dance studio flooring, hardwood flooring is the way to go. It's not only beautiful to look at but also high performance and suitable for any dance style. With hardwood, you have to ensure the subfloor is sprung to protect dancers from injury.

What is an infinity dance floor?

The infinity LED dance floor is a mirrored platform dance floor that has a customizable color display. This floor is breathtakingly unique and will impress your guests. The floor gives the illusion of infinite glowing dimensions creating the perfect photo-op at your celebration.

What are dance floor lights called?

A strobe light is a neat machine that emits flashes of light at set intervals. Individuals can use them to add a sensory element to their party or to draw attention to a specific decoration, such as a black cauldron on Halloween. DJs often set strobe lights up to encourage people to get up and dance.

What colors does a dance floor have?

Black is the traditional color for the stage, however, choreographers and lighting designers have used gray, white and even blue. Theatrical floor colors can reflect location, mood, with a range of color, textures and reflectivity. Still, most dance floors are black and most dance studios are grey.

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