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Led Beam 60W Wash dj lighting Night Club

LED60W RGBW 4in1 Beam wash, with RGB LED Ring

*60W RGBW Quad LED and RGB 3-in1 MSD5050 LED Ring
*4° Beam Angle
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  • LED Beam 60W

  • Prowalls

  • Moving Lights 


LED Beam 60W is a LED light, its compact mini size, lightweight suitable for different events venue, very good dj light for small show.


*60W RGBW Quad LED and RGB 3-in1 MSD5050 LED Ring

*4° Beam Angle



60W RGBW Quad LED and RGB 3-in1 MSD5050 LED Ring

6500K Color Temperature

50,000 Hours LED Lifetime (May vary depending on different factors)


60W RGBW Quad LED and RGB 3-in1 MSD5050 LED Ring

Linear motorized focus

0-100% linear dimming

0-20times/sec. high speed Strobe


(2) DMX Channel Modes (30/16 channels)

LCD Display

3-pin DMX In/Out

PowerCON Power In

DMX512, Sound, Auto, Master/Slave


60W max Power Consumption

Input voltage: 100-240V AC/50-60 Hz


CE | RoHs Compliant | IP20


6.3" (160mm) Length

5.7" (145mm) Width

11" (280mm) Height

6.6 lbs (3 kg) Weight

video (1)


video (2)

1 (1)

1. Trouble shooting  

Following are a few common problems that may occur during operation. Here are some suggestions for easy troubleshooting:

A. The unit does not work, no light and the fan does not work

1. Check the connection of power and main fuse.

2. Measure the mains voltage on the main connector.

3. Check the power on LED.

B. Not responding to DMX controller

1. DMX LED should be on. If not, check DMX connectors, cables to see if link properly.

2. If the DMX LED is on and no response to the channel, check the address settings and DMX polarity.

3. If you have intermittent DMX signal problems, check the pins on connectors or on

PCB of the unit or the previous one.

4. Try to use another DMX controller.

5. Check if the DMX cables run near or run alongside to high voltage cables that may cause damage or interference to DMX interface circuit.

C. One of the channels is not working well

1. The stepper motor might be damaged or the cable connected to the PCB is broken.

2. The motor’s drive IC on the PCB might be out of condition.

2. Fixture Cleaning

The cleaning of internal and external optical lenses and/or mirrors must be carried out periodically to optimize light output. Cleaning frequency depends on the environment in which the fixture operates: damp, smoky or particularly dirty surrounding can cause greater accumulation of dirt on the unit’s optics.

Clean with soft cloth using normal glass cleaning fluid.

Always dry the parts carefully.

Clean the external optics at least every 20 days. Clean the internal optics at least every 30/60 days.

3. Safety Instructions

Please keep this User Guide for future consultation. If you sell the unit to another user, be sure that they also receive this instruction booklet.

Unpack and check carefully there is no transportation damage before using the unit.

Before  operating,  ensure  that  the  voltage  and  frequency  of  power  supply  match  the power requirements of the unit.

It’s  important  to  ground  the  yellow/green  conductor  to  earth  in  order  to  avoid  electric shock.

The unit is for indoor use only. Use only in a dry location.

The  unit  must  be  installed  in  a  location  with  adequate  ventilation,  at  least  50cm  from adjacent surfaces. Be sure that no ventilation slots are blocked.

Disconnect main power before replacement or servicing.

Make sure there are no flammable materials close to the unit while operating as it is fire hazard.

Use safety cable when fixes this unit. DO NOT handle the unit by taking its head only, but always by taking its base.

Maximum ambient temperature is Ta: 40℃. DO NOT operate it where the temperature is higher than this Unit surface temperature may reach up to 85℃. DO NOT touch the housing bare-hand during its operation. Turn off the power and allow about 15 minutes for the unit to cool down before replacing or serving.

In the event of serious operating problem, stop using the unit immediately.Never try to repair the unit by yourself. Repairs carried out by unskilled people can lead to damage or malfunction. Please contact the nearest authorized technical assistance center. Always use the same type spare parts.

DO NOT touch any wire during operation as high voltage might be causing electric shock.

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