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Magnets Wireless Tiles RGB LED Dance Floor party

Cableless Magnets, 60pcs SMD RGB 3in 1, Fast installation

*60pcs SMD RGB 3in 1
*Cableless Magnets installation, easy and fast
*L600xW600xH70mm(L23.6"*W23.6"xH2.8"inches) unit
*High brightness
*Tempered glass Cover Material
*500KG/m2 Supporting weight 
*Protection Level : IP55/65
*SD & DMX & PC control for option
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  • Flat Dance Floor

  • Prowalls

  • Dance Floor 


Our LED Dance Floors Are The Thinnest, Safest & Most Popular. Shop Floors Now! State Of The Art. Dance Floor Specialists. Fits Any Budget. Easy-To-Assemble, Trip-Proof, Safe, Thin & Popular, Featured On Bar Rescue.


*64pcs SMD RGB 3in 1

*Cableless Magnetic installation, easy and fast

*L600xW600xH70mm(L23.6"*W23.6"*H2.8"inches) unit

*High brightness

*milkwhite PP Surface, Tempered glass, metal housing Material

*300KG/m2 Supporting weight

*Protection Level : IP55/65

*SD & DMX & PC & Remote control for option



5050 SMD RGB 3in 1 60pcs LEDs

≥50,000 hours Life span


Control mode: SD control with DMX512 and Remote control, sounds active, PC control ( Madrix acceptable)

Size(mm): L600xW600xH70mm(L23.6"*W23.6"*H2.8"inches) unit

Supporting weight: 500KG/m2

Brightness: High brightness

Cover Material: Tempered glass

Housing Material: High strength ABS

Protection Level : IP55/65

Visual angle: 160°

Isolating Grade: CLASSE II

Net weight: 8.5KG

Power supply: Built-in


Input voltage:AC90-240V

Working temperature: -20~ +45℃


Cableless Magnetic

SD control, PC software control, Remote control, audio control and DMX control


20W max Power Consumption

Input voltage: 100-240V AC/50-60 Hz


CE | RoHs Compliant | IP55


23.6" (600mm) Length

23.6" (600mm) Width

2.8" (70mm) Height

18.7 lbs (8.5 kg) Net Weight

Flat Dance Floor (1)

Flat Dance Floor (3)

Flat Dance Floor (2)

Flat Dance Floor (6)

Flat Dance Floor (7)

Flat Dance Floor (4)

Flat Dance Floor (5)

Flat Dance Floor (8)

Module installation method: 

Note: Be careful in installation,avoid bump and damage, please take the light when the stitching. 

*Do not power and signal when splicing. After splicing and then power and communication. 

1. With strong magnet to force suction connect each modules . Set the starting point firstly, Secondly, to set the power supply ramp (with cable). 

Note: 1)according to the arrow direction on bottom to connect followed by splicing. 

2)When stitching must be in accordance with the direction of the arrows at the bottom of the ending, it is forbidden to rotate 90 degrees or 180 degrees. 

3) Power for the multi-column series, the signal for each column a single signal

2. Splicing, the magnet and the magnet to be aligned, otherwise it will lead to poor contact (power and signal). 

3. The four corners are empty for power lines and signal lines.

Power supply This product uses the external power way, the lamps use DC24V power supply. The external power supply box converts the AC100-250V voltage to DC24V for use by the fixture. Our company provides customers with 750 w, 1600 w, 3000 w three kinds of specifications of the power supply, for customers to choose to buy.


1、In order to ensure the service life of the product, the product should not work in the environment of more than 40 degrees. 

2、Do not place this product in a location that is susceptible to loosening or shock. 

3、In order to avoid the risk of electric shock, the maintenance of this product requested the help of professional maintenance. 

4、Do not splice or disassemble the lamp while the power is on.. 

5、The surface of the product has a certain degree of water resistance, but not completely waterproof, Please try not to install it in a humid environment. 

6、To ensure proper operation of this product, please read these instructions and the relevant controller instructions carefully

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