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What is the meaning of the LED TV Panel?

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LED TV Panel integrates microelectronics technology, computer technology, and information processing. It has the advantages of bright colors, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable work. LED TV Panel is widely used in commercial media, cultural performance market, stadiums, information dissemination, news release, securities trading, etc., which can meet the needs of different environments.

What are the characteristics of LED TV Panel?

What are the technical advantages of LED TV Panel?

How does the LED TV Panel perform brightness control?

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What are the characteristics of LED TV Panel?

1. In order to ensure the best playback effect, the LED TV Panel can reasonably control the light through the automatic adjustment function under different background environments.

2. The circuit integration of LED TV Panel mainly relies on large-scale imported devices to improve the reliability of operation and facilitate maintenance and debugging.

3. The LED TV Panel uses modern digital processing technology to process video, and mainly chooses the technology distribution method for scanning. The design presents a modular design, uses a static constant current drive, and automatically adjusts the brightness, thereby achieving high fidelity of the picture and no ghosting. Improve the clarity of the image screen.

4. The LED TV Panel has rich information display types such as icons, videos, texts, animations, pictures, etc., and various forms of reality, such as networking, remote reality, etc., are a combination of common colors and craftsmanship.

What are the technical advantages of LED TV Panel?

1. LED TV Panel uses the indoor full-color system to alleviate the hidden dangers of the system display and transmission of a large number of complex data, and fully restore the full true color. The chip is used to complete the data distribution and display task, convert the received data to pulse output, convert the 8-bit (8bit) display data to 12 bit PWM, and improve it to 4096 (12bit) gray level control, so as to realize the nonlinear 256 visual gray level of screen display and fully create the visual enjoyment of full truth color.

2. LED TV Panel has driving mode and adopts constant current system. Through its high cost performance, it improves the lack of voltage drop dispersion of LED tube, overcomes the mosaic problem and ensures the picture texture.

3. LED TV Panel combines the mode of optical fiber transmission to reduce the loss of signal in transmission.

How does the LED TV Panel perform brightness control?

LED TV Panel uses the controller to control the light emission of pixels to promote its driving independence. When color video needs to be presented, the brightness and color of each pixel must be effectively controlled, and the scanning operation must be completed synchronously within the specified time. However, the large LED electronic display has thousands of pixels, which increases the complexity of control and the difficulty of data transmission. However, it is unrealistic to use d / A to control each pixel in practical work. At this time, a new control scheme is needed to meet the complex requirements of pixel system. Based on the analysis of visual principle, the on / off ratio of pixels is the main basis for people to analyze the average brightness. Effectively adjusting this ratio can effectively control the pixel brightness. When this principle is applied in LED TV Panel, digital signal can be converted to time signal to realize effective conversion between D / A.

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