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What is the Rental Mobile LED Screen?

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As the market demands more and more high-end LED display screens are gradually diversified, and now LED display screens have appeared that can be used in various scenarios, so Rental Mobile LED Screen has also come into being!

Why do people choose Rental Mobile LED Screen?

What are the structural features of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

What are the features of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

rental led1

Why do people choose Rental Mobile LED Screen?

For the development of physical stores, we all know that it is not easy to make a successful information flow advertisement. As an offline restaurant, hospital, movie theater, real estate, jewelry and other corporate entity stores in various industries, with the increasing market demand for experiential consumption and personalized services, the rent of physical stores is also increasing. It is becoming more and more difficult for stores to increase the conversion rate of users through the door.

In response to this problem, Rental Mobile LED Screen puts forward solutions for different types of stores. We often say: "Words are not as good as tables, but not as pictures." At the same time, in this era of mobile Internet, which is dominated by video streaming and information flow, Rental Mobile LED Screen is a great tool for high-efficiency commercial transformation of user experience and product display.

What are the structural features of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

Rental Mobile LED Screen can realize the conversion between different forms of multiple information presentation modes, and can be used indoors and outdoors. It has incomparable advantages over other displays. Rental Mobile LED Screen develops rapidly and is widely used in various fields due to its high brightness, low power consumption, low voltage demand, small and convenient equipment, long service life, stable impact resistance, and strong resistance to external interference.

What are the features of Rental Mobile LED Screen?

(1) The Rental Mobile LED Screen displays high-resolution content on the screen surface in the visible area under high luminescence and sunlight refraction.

(2) The Rental Mobile LED Screen has a high gray level. It can use a gray step control from 1024 to 4096 to show colors over 16,7 M clearly and vividly and to ensure a super three-dimensional image.

(3) Rental Mobile LED Screen has a high drive performance and the scanning method is mainly a static barrier to ensure high intensity light.

(4) In order to ensure the best performance, the Rental Mobile LED Screen can adequately control the light through the automatic adjustment function under different backgrounds.

(5) In circuit integration, mainly imported large equipment is used to improve operational reliability and facilitate maintenance and debugging.

(6) Rental Mobile LED Screen uses modern digital processing technology for video processing and mainly chooses the technology distribution method for scanning. The design offers modularity, uses a static constant current drive and automatically adjusts the brightness, thus achieving a high reproduction rate of the image and no ghost images, improve the clarity of the screen.

(7) The Rental Mobile LED Screen features extensive information displays such as symbols, videos, texts, animations, images, etc. and various forms of reality, such as networks, remote reality, etc., are a combination of common colours and craftsmanship.

After reading these words, do you also want to order an Rental Mobile LED Screen? If necessary, you can contact PROWALLS, which is an advance Stage Lighting and Led display brand Manufacturer.

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