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Outdoor Sports flexible angle waterproof Led Display Stadium

P4.2/P5/P6.4/P8/P10mm, Outdoor Spots

*Outdoor Spots
*Unit Size: 50.4"x38.9" x3.9"(1280x987x100mm)
*Pixel Pitch: P4.2/P5/P6.4/P8/P10mm
*Application: Outdoor
*Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz
  • Sports
  • Prowalls
  • LED Screen 







CabinetSports 1280X987mm Outdoor ip67
No.P4.2 OutdoorP5 OutdoorP6.4 OutdoorP8 OutdoorP10 Outdoor
LED TypeSMD1515SMD1921SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Module PrameterPixel Pitch(mm)P4.2mmP5mmP6.4mmP8mmP10mm
Module Size(mm)320mm x320mm320mm x320mm320mm x320mm320mm x320mm320mm x320mm
Module Resolution(pixel)76x 76 pixels64x 64 pixels50x 50 pixels40x 40 pixels32x 32 pixels
Module quantity/unit4*3=12pcs4*3=12pcs4*3=12pcs4*3=12pcs4*3=12pcs
Cabinet PrameterCabinet Size(mm)50.4"x38.9" x3.9"(1280x987x100mm)50.4"x38.9" x3.9"(1280x987x100mm)50.4"x38.9" x3.9"(1280x987x100mm)50.4"x38.9" x3.9"(1280x987x100mm)50.4"x38.9" x3.9"(1280x987x100mm)
Cabinet Resolution(pixel)304x228pixels256x192pixels200x150pixels160x120pixels128x96pixels
MaterialDie-cast aluminumDie-cast aluminumDie-cast aluminumDie-cast aluminumDie-cast aluminum
Cabinet Weight(Kg)35kg(77.2lbs)35kg(77.2lbs)35kg(77.2lbs)35kg(77.2lbs)35kg(77.2lbs)
LED Screen PrameterPixel Density(pixel/㎡)56407pixel/㎡40000pixel/㎡24414pixel/㎡15625pixel/㎡10000pixel/㎡
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920-3840 Hz1920-3840 Hz1920-3840 Hz1920-3840 Hz1920-3840 Hz
Gray Level16bit16bit16bit16bit16bit
Driving Mode16 scan16 scan16 scan16 scan16 scan
Avg. Power Consumption250 W/㎡250 W/㎡250 W/㎡250 W/㎡250 W/㎡
Max. Power Consumption600W/㎡600W/㎡600W/㎡600W/㎡600W/㎡
The Optimal Viewing Distance4-150m5-150m6-200m8-250m10-300m
Viewing AngleH:160° V:160°H:160° V:160°H:160° V:160°H:160° V:160°H:160° V:160°
Waterproof LevelYes,IP67
Service AccessBack/Front Access
MTBF≥20,000 hours
LED  Life-span≥100,000 hours
Continuons Operating Hours≥72 hours
Operating Temp/HumidityTemperature:-20℃~+60℃
Humidity:10%~90% RH
Storage Temp/Humidity-40℃~60℃, 10~90%RH
Input SignalDVI, HDMI, SDI, VGA
CertificationCCC, CE, UL,FCC
Control requirementsConnect to computer
Software InterfaceBy PC, Windows98/2000/NT/XP/Vista

Chapter 1: Safety precautions

Chapter 2:Item List

Chapter 3:Hardware connection

3.1 Rear view

3.2 Ports description

3.3 Hardware connection diagram

3.4 Specifications

3.5 Product dimensions

Chapter 4: Front panel and remote control instructions

4.1 Front panel buttons and remote control schematic

4.2 Remote control operation instructions

Chapter 5: Basic user instructions

5.1 Input signals selection

5.2 PIP / PBP operation

5.3 Mosaic operation

5.4 Other basic user operation

Chapter 6: Setup menu instructions

6.1 Output image setting

6.2 Input video signal setting

6.3 Text overlay setting

6.4 Image quality setting.

6.5 audio setting

6.6 Communication

6.7 Language setting

6.8 Advance setting

6.9 PIP / PBP setting

6.10 Mosaic setting

Chapter 7:Remote control instructions

7.1 Hardware communication

7.2 PC control software instructions

7.3 Using APP for remote control

Chapter 8:copyright information

Chapter 1: Safety precautions


There is high voltage in the processor, to prevent any unexpected hazard, unless you are maintenance, please do not open the cover of the device.


    1.  This device shall not encounter water sprinkle or splash, please do not place anything containing water on this device.

     2.  To prevent fire, keep this device far from any fire source.

     3.  If this device gives out any strange noise, smoke or smell, please immediately unplug the power cord from receptacle, and contact local dealer.

     4.  Signal cables are not hot swappable.


1. Please thoroughly read this manual before using this device, and keep it well for future reference.

2.  In the event of lighting or when you are not going to use the device for a long time, please pull the power plug out of receptacle.

3. Nobody other than professional technicians can operate the device, unless they have been appropriately trained or under guidance of technicians.

4.  To prevent equipment damage or electric shock, please don’t fill in anything in the vent of the device.

5.  Do not place the device near any water source or anywhere damp.

6.  Do not place the device near any radiator or anywhere under high temperature.

7.  To prevent rupture or damage of power cords, please handle and keep them properly.

8. Please immediately unplug power cord and have the device repaired, when

1) Liquid splashes to the device.

         2) The device is dropped down or cabinet is damaged.

         3) Obvious malpractice is found or performance degrades.

Chapter 2:Item List

Please unpack the product carefully, then check whether all the following things are included in the package. If anything is found missing, please contact the dealer.

Standard accessories

The accessories supplied with this LED Video Processor may differ from    

the figures contained in the User’s Manual, but they are applicable for the regions where you live.(LED sending card is optional)

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