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300W 200W WW/CW/RGBW Ellipsoidal spotlight theater studio light

200W/300W Citizen LED, WW/CW/RGBW, COB, Touch Screen

*200W or 300W COB LED
*Imported Japan Citizen COB LED
*Interchangeable Lens Options (19°, 26°, 36°, 50°)
*High quality Nichia IC Chip, CRI≥90
*Extremely quiet fan, Copper tube heat Sinking, no any noise
*Color: Option single WW(Warm white) or CW(Cool white) or RGBW 4in1(Red, Green, Blue, White)
*Touch Screen
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  • LED Ellipsoidal HP

  • Prowalls

  • LED Screen 


LED Ellipsoidal HP features a High Powered 200W/300W >90CRI, 19°, 26°, 36°, and 50° interchangeable lens options (sold separately), (4) blade manual framing shutters, manual focus, DMX controlled electronic strobe, and variable dimming curve modes, adjustable refresh frequency and gamma brightness for flicker free operation for TV and FILM. 


*200W or 300W COB LED

*Imported Japan Citizen COB LED

*Interchangeable Lens Options (19°, 26°, 36°, 50°)

*High quality Nichia IC Chip, CRI≥90

*Extremely quiet fan, Copper tube heat Sinking, no any noise

*Color: Option single WW(Warm white) or CW(Cool white) or RGBW 4in1(Red, Green, Blue, White)

*Touch Screen




Option 200W/300W COB LED

3200K warm white/5600K cool white Color Temperature/RGBW 4IN1

60,000 Hours LED Lifetime (May vary depending on different factors)


LED Source: Option 200W/300W COB LED

Imported Japan Citizen COB LED

Interchangeable Lens Options (19°, 26°, 36°, 50°)

High quality Nichia IC Chip, CRI≥90

Extremely quiet fan, Copper tube heat Sinking, no any noise

Color: Option single WW(Warm white) or CW(Cool white) or RGBW 4in1(Red, Green, Blue, White)

Touch Screen

Electronic Shutter/Strobe

No blue leak, no burr and arrays uniformity, the lense tube can be exchange with ETC.

RDM, set the ID address accordly by a DMX controller with RDM function.

0-100% Linear dimming, Variable Dimming Curve Modes, frequency from 500 Hz ~ 25K Hz


DMX Channel Modes: 1/3CH(single color),4/8CH(RGBW)

Intelligent Touch Screen

3-pin DMX In/Out

PowerCON Power In/Out

DMX512, Auto run, Sound, Master/Slave


260/390W max Power Consumption

Input voltage: 100-240V AC/50-60 Hz


CE | RoHs Compliant | IP20


24.4" (620mm) Length

7" (180mm) Width

18.9" (480mm) Height

24.25lbs (11g) Weight

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Product Feature 

 2 kinds of running model  External control mode (Slave model) 

 DMX 512 controller control(2 kinds channel modes) 

 Master/salve model control (auto match the signal from controller and the Master light, no need to set by menu) 

 static mode (Master model) 

 It can fix any color without the controller ,also work this color with strobe 

 Non-linear dimmer and linear dimmer 

 The speed of dimmer can be set under the controller control 

 Screen Protect 

 It will enter blank screen without any operate on the keyboard in 30 seconds . Press any keys then it can quit screen protection. 

 Temperature Protection 

 It can be set to temperature protection mode 

 Speed of the Fan 

 The fan will start to work when the working temperature reach 40 degree, and the speed will be changed according to the change of temperature. 

 Can be Reverse display Multi-light working in the same time When using controller to control multi lights to work in strobe, the controller just send the channel data . The strobe effect will be depend on each light itself . And please take attention for the follow situation: 1. There will be many situations make the lights are not synchronization in the beginning. (For example: the different time of opening the light , or different time of them connect to the controller) .In this case, you can change value of the controller( for example push 20 to 0, and back to 20), then it can be synchronization. 2. Due to crystal frequency of different lights are not the same exactly, so it may not be synchronization after long time. 3. If need to keep synchronization for long time, there are two ways to do so: A. Using the controller to edit program make the strobe, auto run effect,then they must be synchronization. B. Using the Maser/Slave model


This device has left the factory in perfect condition. In order to maintain this condition and to ensure a safe operation, it is absolutely necessary for the user to follow the safety instructions and warning notes written in this user manual.

If the device has been exposed to temperature changes due to environmental changes, do not switch it on immediately. The arising condensation could damage the device. Leave the device switched off until it has reached room temperature. This device falls under protection-class I. Therefore it is essential that the device be earthed. The electric connection must carry out by qualified person. The device shall only be used with rate voltage and frequency. Make sure that the available voltage is not higher than stated at the end of this manual. Make sure the power cord is never crimped or damaged by sharp edges. If this would be the case, replacement of the cable must be done by an authorized dealer. Always disconnect from the mains, when the device is not in use or before cleaning it. Only handle the power cord by the plug. Never pull out the plug by tugging the power cord. During initial start-up some smoke or smell may arise. This is a normal process and does not necessarily mean that the device is defective, it should decrease gradually. Please don't project the beam onto combustible substances. Fixtures cannot be installed on combustible substances, keep more than 50cm distance with wall for smooth air flow, so there should be no shelter for fans and ventilation for heat radiation. If the external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire is damaged, it shall be exclusively replaced by the manufacturer or his service agent or a similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

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