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USB Software Light Lighting DMX controller DMX512 Box

DMX512, USB Software BOX
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  • DMX512 Box

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  • Control Solutions 

USB DMX 512 box, compatible with GrandMa2 MA1 on PC, LightJockey, hog, Avolite, Sunlite and more, support more than 32 types of software.

DMX512 Box is auto driver like mouse, push to your PC then can use. can support windows system, include XP, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10 ... x32 or x64 system.

DMX512 Box is new USB-DMX512 Box, have one port 512 channels output, have a SD slot, can offline without PC.

USB DMX512 box has 2 modes, USB Output mode and SD offline mode:

USB Output mode:

Green light means power, Always on, if have data output,the red light will flashes.

SD offline mode:

1:Green light flashes at 1Hz and red light flashes very fast, means offline is ok.

2:Green light flashes at 3Hz and red light OFF, means have SD card but not DMX files in SD card.

How to catch DMX file:

In any DMX control software make a show, and go this show, Run our any ForXXX Plugin(XXX is software name), In ours plugin software, You Can open "Catch DMX File" windows to catch DMX files to SD card, Can copy a lot of the DMX files to the sd card and push to DMX512 box SD slot, power on HD512 box, then can used offline function without a PC to control lighting, DMX512 box will Automatically loop play all dmx files. Please note: DMX file must copy to SD card root directory.

if want use USB and any software to control lighting device, must remove SD card from slot and power on again then will change to USB mode.

When you get DMX512 box, First one you can run our DVD root directory "TestDemo.exe" to test and check DMX512 Device. 

In TestDemo software Press "Check HD512" button, when show a "DMX512 Box is OK!" message, then mean HD512 Device is good in your PC, now can link address 1 lighting fixture to HD512 Box output, and push Fader 1~16 to test your fixture, when you push fader, DMX512 box red light will flash. 

When TestDemo can control your Address 1 fixture, in our DVD's software all can use with DMX512 box, only run a ForXXX plugin and don't close this plugin(XXX is software name), DMX512 box then can use with this software. Please note, DMX control software version must same with our ForXXX plugin version.

Can support all this DMX control software:

All ArtNet software

Avolite Pearl2004

Avolite D4

Avolite Titan








ETC nomad Eos PC

grandMA1 onPC

grandMA2 onPC

grandMA dot2


Martin MPC



Sunlite Suite2


Tekmand(China MA2)









Clarity(we not crack)

Madrix(we not crack)

SDK Source code


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