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What is the meaning of the LED Profile HP?

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The lamp arm material of LED Profile HP is aluminum profile. The bearing end cover and the mounting bracket are made of aluminum alloy profile high-pressure aluminum die-cast high-temperature silicone seal to ensure the stability of moisture resistance. They can be installed individually or in multiples.

What are the advantages of LED Profile HP?

What are the similarities and differences between LED Profile HP and similar products?

What are the product characteristics of LED Profile HP?


What are the advantages of LED Profile HP?

1. LED Profile HP can use new technology APP for intelligent practical operation. The light color of the projection is very bright, the monochromaticity is good, the light source is softer, the function loss is low, it is environmentally friendly, and the service life is long. The general illumination time can reach 50,000 hours. In addition, the LED Profile HP is small in size, easy to use, can hide the application, is not easy to recognize, and ensures the overall beauty.

2. LED Profile HP has a high safety factor, only light does not generate heat during application, so it can also have the effect of caring for objects directly exposed to it, and the scope of application is more extensive. This kind of lighting equipment basically contains a ruler board, and the user can also adjust the lighting angle appropriately according to the needs, which is conducive to use.

What are the similarities and differences between LED Profile HP and similar products?

The led wall washer is to let the light wash through the wall like water. The effect here is that the led wall washer puts the lighting effect on the wall, similar to the method of using the projection lamp, but the effect is more gentle. The LED Profile HP is mostly used for engineering building contours, or made into digital screen effects. Naturally, it is also very likely to be installed on the corner to let the light find the wall, but the LED wall washer is more convenient.

What are the product characteristics of LED Profile HP?

According to the standard DMX512 protocol control, LED Profile HP is suitable for 1.6 to 700,000 (24-bit) colors. The asymmetrically encrypted LED luminous flux design scheme is especially suitable for wall-washing lighting fixtures. The mixing distance is shortened and the lamp arm can be compatible with close-range installation. High-quality LEDs are fully transparent and good light manipulation to ensure symmetrical chromaticity 50,000 hours long life (when the light output attenuation coefficient reaches 70%), brighter, high energy efficiency, long-lasting durability, high-end materials and high waterproof rating (IP66) It can withstand all extreme outdoor natural environments. The subtle lamp arm design in LED Profile HP can provide suitable lighting fixtures for narrow indoor spaces in engineering buildings. Flexible installation brackets, convenient lighting fixtures to adjust the viewing angle, maintenance-free and high energy efficiency.

This is the relevant knowledge about the LED Profile HP for you. If you want to order a LED Profile HP, you must choose PROWALLS because they can provide the most high-quality and cheap LED Profile HP.

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