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What is the function of the LED TV Panel?

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The LED TV Panel lamp has a unique design. The light passes through the light guide plate with high light transmittance to form a uniform plane luminous effect, with good illumination uniformity, soft light, comfortable and bright.

What is the function of the LED TV Panel?

What is the basic principle of LED TV Panel work?

What are the performance characteristics of LED TV Panel?

LED TV Panel

What is the function of the LED TV Panel?

LED TV Panel is an electronic display screen composed of LED dot matrix. The display content of the screen, such as text, animation, picture, and video, can be converted in time by changing the red and green light beads, and the component display control is performed through a modular structure. Mainly divided into display module, control system and power supply system. The LED TV Panel display module is a dot matrix of LED lights that constitutes the screen to emit light; the control system is to control the brightness in the area to realize the conversion of the content displayed on the screen; the power system is to convert the input voltage and current to meet the display screen need.

LED TV Panel can realize the conversion between different forms of multiple information presentation modes, and can be used indoors and outdoors. It has incomparable advantages over other display screens. With the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption, low voltage demand, small and convenient equipment, long service life, stable impact resistance, and strong resistance to external interference, it has developed rapidly and is widely used in various fields.

What is the basic principle of LED TV Panel work?

LED TV Panel is a new type of information display media, which is a flat display screen composed of light-emitting diode dot matrix modules or pixel units. The LED TV Panel is a structure diagram of an 8×8 dot matrix LED display. The 8×8 dot matrix requires 64 light-emitting diodes, and each light-emitting diode is placed at the intersection of the row line and the column line. Set the high level, when a certain column is set to the low level, the corresponding diode will light up.

For example, when you want to display text, the LED TV Panel can light up the corresponding diodes according to the strokes that make up the text, so as to achieve the purpose of displaying text. The complete dot matrix can be composed of display modules such as 16×16, 32×32, etc.

What are the performance characteristics of LED TV Panel?

(1) With high-intensity luminescence and sunlight refracted, the LED TV Panel can display the contents of the screen surface in high-definition within the visible range.

(2) The gray control level is high. LED TV Panel can use 1024 to 4096 gray scale control to display colors above 16.7M clearly and vividly, ensuring a super three-dimensional image.

(3) The LED TV Panel has high driving power, and the scanning method is mainly static latching to ensure high-intensity light.

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