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What do you know about the LED TV Panel?

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LED TV Panel is a flat panel display, which is composed of small LED module panels, used to display various information such as text, image, video and so on.

Why do more and more people choose LED TV Panel?

How does the LED TV Panel reduce the color difference of the displayed image?

What are the relevant parameters of LED TV Panel?

LED TV Panel

Why do more and more people choose LED TV Panel?

(1) The LED TV Panel is equipped with a full-color display screen and introduces a higher quality LED imported tube core, which makes the screen imaging high-definition, uniform color, low power consumption, light screen body, thin screen layer and wide area perspective. Therefore, it has a small probability of failure and is convenient for maintenance.

(2) The LED TV Panel mainly adopts a multi-functional multimedia display card PCTV card, which has better performance, more advanced acquisition methods, accurate video capture, and studio editing software matching the display card.

(3) The DVI interface technology used by LED TV Panel is relatively advanced. Without the aid of a / D and D / a conversion, the integrity of the picture image is guaranteed, the possibility of details is reduced, and the computer image is completely reproduced on the display screen. DVI can support all display modes to ensure the stability and reliability of data display, and has a variety of integrated functions.

How does the LED TV Panel reduce the color difference of the displayed image?

In general, the three color combinations of red, green and blue in LED TV Panel shall meet the light intensity ratio tending to 3:6:1; Red imaging is more sensitive, so the red in the spatial display must be evenly dispersed; Due to the different light intensities of the three colors, the resolution nonlinear curves presented in people's visual perception are also different. Therefore, the LED TV Panel should make use of the white light with different light intensities to correct the light emitted inside the TV; Color resolution is different due to individual differences and environmental differences. Color reproduction shall be carried out according to certain objective indicators, such as:

(1) 660nm red light, 525nm green light and 470nm blue light are positioned at the basic wavelength.

(2) According to the actual situation of light intensity, four or more white light units are used for matching.

(3) The gray level is 256.

(4) LED pixels must be processed with non-linear calibration. The three primary color piping can be controlled by the combination of hardware system and playback system software.

What are the relevant parameters of LED TV Panel?

1. Contrast

The contrast of LED TV Panel affects the visual imaging effect. High contrast improves the picture definition and bright color, and effectively improves the detail texture, clarity and gray level of image quality. In addition, the contrast also has a certain impact on the resolution conversion of dynamic video. High contrast can make it easier for the naked eye to distinguish the light dark conversion process in dynamic images.

2. Refresh frequency

The number of times the content of LED TV Panel can be repeatedly displayed per second is called the refresh frequency. When the refresh frequency is low, the image will flicker, especially in the process of video shooting. Therefore, it is necessary to maximize the refresh frequency and ensure the stability of the display surface.

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