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With years of experience in production outdoor led light, PROWALLS ELECTRONICS CO LIMITED can supply a wide range of outdoor led light. outdoor led light can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about outdoor led light. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique outdoor led light according to your specific needs.
  • 19x10w B-eye Beam Wash FX Graphic led light
    B-EYE 19x40W RGBW Quad LEDs, Wash/Beam/FX effects, All LEDs individually controlled
    *19x40W RGBW Quad LEDs
    *Versatile, three operating modes: Wash, Beam, FX effect
    *Individual LED control for each parameter
    *Display Arrows, Numbers, Letters and Patterns
    *Unique optical system, 3° - 45° zoom range and even light spread
    *Rotating front lens for countless vortex effects, for aerial or " kaleidoscopic " projection use
  • Solar Hybrid BWS380
    OSRAM 380W Hybrid Beam Spot Wash 3-in-1

    *3-in-1 Hybrid Beam, Spot, Wash Luminaire
    *OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 380W 80CRI 8,000K Lamp and Advanced Optics
    *3D effect, Flame effect, water wave effect
    *Two Prisms(16+8)
    *2.5°- 53° Linear Zoom, Linear Frost, Motorized Focus and Dimming
    *High Speed Mechanical Shutter and Strobe
    *Color Wheel and three Gobo wheels: Static Gobos, Rotating Gobos, Effect Gobos
  • Prowalls Extreme 300W
    Osram 300W Lamp, Multi Prisms effects, Rainbow, 3D, Halfcolor effects, Dynamic Gobos, Frost

    *Osram 300W Lamp
    *Strong and brilliant 1.8° narrow Beam
    *Two Prisms wheels, Multi Prisms effects and combined Prisms stacking effects
    *6 colors Rainbow effects, 3D effects, Halfcolor effects
    *14 Colors + Open, 17 Fixed Gobo + Open, Dynamic Gobos effects
    *Independent Frost Filter, 0-100% linear smooth Dimming, Motorized Focus
    *Touch Screen
  • Sharpy Beam 260W
    Bright Beam 260W lamp, Two Prisms, 7 Colors Rainbow effect, Halfcolor effect, Color and Gobo wheels

    *260W Lamp
    *Bright and strong Beam
    *Two Prisms Wheels(16+8)
    *Frost, 7 Colors Rainbow effect, Halfcolor effect
    *13 Gobos + Open, 13 Colors + Open
  • Outdoor Beam 380W
    Outdoor IP65 Rated waterproof, Osram 18R 380W lamp, bright Beam, Two Prisms

    *IP65 rated waterproof Outdoor Beam moving head Light
    *Osram R18 380W lamp
    *2.2-2.3° Beam Angle, Super Bright and strong Beam
    *Advanced Optical system and Cooling System
    *Two Prisms: one 16 prism and one 8-facet Circular rotating prism
  • Prowalls 9R Widow
    9R 260W, 5 Prisms, 11 Prisms effects, Rainbow effects

    *YODN MSD R9 260W Lamp
    *Super bright and strong Beam
    *Two Prism wheels, 5 independent Prisms, 11Prisms effects
    *Frost, Rainbow, 3D effects, Dichroic color effects

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