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A Rental Mobile LED Screen

Prowalls is a Leading Manufacturer of high-definition full-color LED display & LED lighting. Provide all sizes LED Display, Hi-tech small pixel, rental, stadium display.

Flexible Rental Mobile LED Screen, A flexible LED display screen has a different look and feel as compared to a conventional LED display board. It is made of rubber and has an insulation substrate on both sides of the panel, which is extremely flexible.

Advertising Rental Mobile LED Screen provide a higher brightness and resolution than traditional monitors, ensuring that the message will be seen perfectly, even in broad daylight, when the sun hits the screen directly. They represent an important saving.

High Resolution Mobile & Modular LED Display Screen Rentals.​​​​​​​
LED display is a flat panel display that uses an array of light emitting diodes (LED) as the light source. These light emitting diodes are very efficient and the choice for any video wall display. LED walls are very bright and crisp even in full sun. But versatile and also work extremely well in low light conditions and in the dark.
A LED display is a flat panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. Their brightness allows them to be used outdoors where they are visible in the sun for store signs and billboards, rental series included 500x1000mm Rental Mobile LED Screen, Waterproof Rental Mobile LED Screen, Flexible Rental Mobile LED Screen, Advertising Rental Mobile LED Screen, IP65 Outdoor Rental Mobile LED Screen.
LED display rental refers to renting a display that utilizes LED technology. LED (short for light-emitting diode) has become today’s standard for display technology due to its superior brightness, color contrast, and energy efficiency.the most hot sale pixel pitch is P3.91mm 500x1000mm Rental Mobile LED Screen, Outdoor Waterproof Rental Mobile LED Screen, indoor Rental Mobile LED Screen.

Excellent Choice, Prowalls


Prowalls led panels are extremely lightweight, one panel only weighs 13.5kg, which makes it possible to build large format screens while other products would be too heavy because of weight load restrictions in certain venues.Hot sale mobile rental iPanel 500x1000mm led screen, bigger is faster, over 60% higher setup and dismantle efficiency.

Perfect Display

The panels deliver perfect display performance with high refresh rate, ulitimate image quality, high grey scale levels and high contrast.P3.91 use black LEDs and Ultra-black masking materials with common cathode driving technology. This can deliver higher brightness and deeper black levels without increased power consumption or heat generation.

Front Serive Version Led Screen

Front serive version led screen, LED modules and PDU use a combination of magnets and captive screws to make servicing the screen easy and quick.

The Full Color SMD LEDs

Our led screen have specially used the full color SMD LEDs, which has high luminous intensity, wide color gamut, high reliability and full black frame with high contrast for perfect display performance.
Edge protectors provide protection against physical damage. Feet at bottom of the panel keep the leds from scratching any surface underneath the panel. Specially designed panels features protect the edge led during screen set up.

Good Quality

All of our materials like LEDs,Cabinets,Novastar A5Plus receiving card, UL approved 100V-240V Auto swithing power supply,Hub Board, All inside Ethernet,cables, waterproof system, Masks....and so on are very good quality.

Prowalls Has You Covered

No matter the size of your event or screen, Prowalls has you covered. Our experienced LED department is known in the industry to be one of the most creative LED display and LED screen rental providers. We have done it all: indoor, outdoor, ground supported, hung, curved, tunnels, and floors. No matter the application or pixel pitch, we are the team that will execute your vision.

The Latest Technology

We strive to offer the latest in technology to our clients. Our products can be set up in any configuration both flown or ground supported, as well as flat or curved. We have products that range from 1.5mm all the way to 100mm for both indoor and outdoor deployments. If Prowalls Professional can’t make it happen, no one can.

Wide Range

Stadiums, arenas, concerts, corporate events, brand activations, trade show booths, TV and film, Our wide range of professional LED display products can create any screen configuration you are looking to build to elevate your event.

Best Service, Best Lighting Feast

Enjoy Various Applications

800 Maryland Latino Festival
In The Church
Install In The Church, 3500 People In The Ground Opening
Entertainment Show
Party Shows
Use As DJ Booth

Common Qustions on Rental Mobile LED Screen

  • What Rental LED Screen Displays Are For Indoor Applications, And What Are For Outdoor Applications?

    There are rental LED screens specifically designed for outdoor use and indoor use.
    Indoor Rental LED Screens. Usually, indoor rental LED displays have a lower pixel rate and better resolution than outdoor rental LED displays since the audience would be closer to the LED screen display.
    Indoor LED screens are typically modular since they have to fit through doors during installation. These screens are also less durable and less bright than the outdoor LED display rental.
    Outdoor Rental LED Screens. As mentioned above, outdoor LED screens are more durable and brighter because they are designed for long-distance viewing.
    They are also built with higher IP ratings because they need to survive in a harsher environment.
    If you want to know more about the rental LED display in store for you, message us today.
  • How can I choose IP rating?

    Indoor panels IP20, outdoor panels IP65, IP rating or Ingress Protection rating refers to the level of protection rental LED screens have against liquid and solid intrusions. The higher the IP rating, the more protected your LED screens are from external hazards. Having a good understanding of these terms will help you choose the right rental LED screens for you.
  • What's meaning about Optimum Viewing Distance?

    Optimum Viewing distance refers to how far your audience can be from the rental LED screens without experiencing viewing interruption. Different LED screens require different viewing distances. The viewing distance and pixel pitch correlate to one another. If the viewing distance is longer, you need a higher pixel pitch.
  • What's the Brightness of led screen?

    Display brightness refers to the light quality of your rental LED screens. It is usually measured using nits or lumens. One nit is equivalent to 3.42 lumens. To put it simply, the higher the number value, the brighter your screen will be. Having rental LED screens over 5,000 nits is recommended for outdoor use.
  • What's the Screen Structure?

    The screen structure of your LED displays in your event can be modular or mobile. A modular screen display is a large LED screen rental of multiple LED screen panels. This type of screen structure if you want to have a giant screen visible by everyone from any part of the venue. Mobile LED screen rental is a pre-built screen display brought to your event attached and delivered on a truck or other vehicle.

Our Related Products

P2.5/P3/P4/P5/P6/P8/ P10mm, Indoor/Outdoor

*Thin & Light Weight, Rental & Fixed installation 2in1, Fast Assembly
*Unit Size: 30.2"x30.2"(768x768mm)/ 37.8"x37.8"(960x960mm)
*Pixel Pitch: P2.5/P3/P4/P5/P6/P8/ P10mm
*Application: Indoor/Outdoor
*Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz
*Customizable options: Front service
P2.5/P2.6/P3/P4mm, Indoor Fixed

*Indoor Fixed, Flexible Customizable Size
*Pixel Pitch: P2.5/P2.6/P3/P4mm
*Application: Indoor
*Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz
*Customizable options: Front service
P2/P2.5, Indoor Fixed, 640*480mm unit Cabniet size

*Indoor Fixed, high Greyscale, high Contrast, Front Service,
*Pixel Pitch: P2/P2.5mm
*Application: Indoor
*Cabniet size: 25.2"x18.9" (640x480mm)
*Refresh Rate: Over 3840hz refresh rate
P2.5/P2.6/P3/P4mm, Indoor Fixed

*Indoor Fixed, Light Weight, Front & back service, Flexible Customizable Size
*Pixel Pitch: P2.5/P2.6/P3/P4mm
*Application: Indoor
*Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz
P4.16/P5/P6.25/P8.33/ P10mm, Outdoor

*Energy saving, Front service, Thin & Light Weight, Rental & Fixed installation 2in1
*Unit Size: 31.5"x35.4"(800x900mm) | 31.5"x47.2"(800x1200mm)
*Pixel Pitch: P4.16/P5/P6.25/P8.33/ P10mm
*Application: Outdoor
*Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz
P4/P5/P6/P8/ P10mm, Outdoor

*Smooth color,high contrast,clear and nature effect
*Unit Size: 30.2"x30.2"(768x768mm) / 37.8"x37.8"(960x960mm)/ 40.3"x30.2"(1024*768mm)
*Pixel Pitch: P4/P5/P6/P8/ P10mm
*Application: Outdoor
*Refresh Rate: Over 1920hz/3840hz
*Customizable options: Front service

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