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Led CO2 Jet Machine

with LED Ring, RGB Color, 8-10 meters column height, Manual or DMX control

*Column Height:8-10(m)
*Adjusting Angle: 90 degree
*Control Mode:DMX-512, Manual
*With LED RGB Color Ring
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  • Led CO2 Jet Machine

  • Prowalls

  • LED Screen 


LED CO2 jet machine is awesome machine with LED RGB Color Ring, Four jet machine connection can be use together, small and lightweight but powerful visual effect, it is very good design. very suitable for DJ, wedding, events. etc.


*Column Height:8-10(m)

*Adjusting Angle: 90 degree

*Control Mode:DMX-512, Manual

*With LED RGB Color Ring



*Column Height:8-10(m)

*Adjusting Angle: 90 degree

*Control Mode:DMX-512, Manual

*With LED RGB Color Ring

*Package Included: Power cables, jumper power connectors(without cables, you can DIY different length jumper cables), 2 meters DMX cables, 5 meters length high-pressure Pipe(not included CO2 cylinder, buy in your local)


*  (1) DMX Channel Modes (7 channels)

*  Digital Display

*  3-pin DMX In/Out

*  PowerCON Power In/Out

*  DMX control, Manual


*  Input Power:AC 110V or 220V, 50-60Hz

*  Power Consumption:70W

*  Working Pressure: 5Mpa

*  Co2 consumption Rate: 0.35kg/S


CE | RoHs Compliant | IP20


*  Net Weight: 15lbs (6.8kg)

*  Machine size: (17.7"x 13.8"x11.8") 450x350x300mm

Important Notes:

Please observe the operation, safety instructions. To avoid the risk of

electric shock of being in a long hood and ensure safe operation.

1. Keep clean.

2. Suitable for indoor use.

3. Before using, make sure the power supply to the correct voltage rating.

4. The fixture should be placed horizontally, not tilt or flip. And install it in a

fixed place, because when it projecting, the power is very strong.

5. After use, you should turn off the power or unplug.

6. The fixture is not waterproof, if moisture or water inside the machine

invasion, should cut off the power immediately and contact your dealer.

7. Inside of the machine is not included user-serviceable parts, please

consult your dealer or qualified service personnel.

To avoid the risk of fire, please note that (security warning):

1. Only for adults. The fixture should be installed in the children can not

touch the place, in use, will always pay attention.

2. Not directly sprayed into the human body, should stay away from the


3. Extremely hot spray of CO2, so the use of the above should be kept a

safe distance from the nozzle 100CM. (Surface temperature of 40-80 C,

do not touch)

4. The fixture should be installed in a well ventilated area, not cover the

vents on the hood to ensure proper ventilation.

20CM kept to a minimum and down around the space, while not store

combustible materials within the surrounding 300CM. (Away from the

carpet, wood and combustible material). To avoid the danger of


5. Please note: not add flammable liquids, such as oil, gas or spices in oil

drums into.

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