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Aluminum scaffolding ladder plays a very important role in building and construction, it gives workers the way to access and work on hard-to-reach areas on walls and ceilings. 
EK as alumium scaffolding ladder manufacturer in China can provide the three types of ladder for scaffolding: Aluminum scaffold straight ladder, Aluminum scaffold platform ladder, Aluminum scaffold tower ladder.
Platform ladders and tower ladders provide stable climbing, even in the middle of an open space, while straight ladders require a stable vertical surface to rest on. Aluminum scaffolding ladder with rubber cap and foot. Scaffolding ladder rungs are made from Anti-Slip high strength aluminum structural material for safe construction and access. 
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Advantages Of Aluminum Scaffolding Ladder

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    Aluminum scaffolding ladder is light weight and easy to moveas well as storage, the weight of aluminum ladder is only 1/3 as heavy as the traditional steel ladder, so don’t worry about the ladder will damage the road or floor when withstand the weight. 
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    Whole design structure of this scaffold tower ladder is safe and stable, EK use mechanical penetration inflated turning riveting technology coupled with aluminum alloy non-slip step to assure good fastness, but please note that it’s forbidden to exceed the maximum loading indicated on the ladder when construction working. 
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    Scaffold ladder supports multipurpose using, it’s made from high strength aluminum alloy material, is very strong, can be max 150Kgs loading weight, it also can be made with different sizes, and also folded and extended to adapt the different complex situations.

Featured Aluminum Scaffolding Ladder

Aluminum Scaffolding Ladder Production

EK to be professional China scaffolding supplier, we produce Aluminum Scaffolding Ladder with automatic production line to improve productivity and get the stable quality with competitive prices compared with traditional manufacturing processes.

Application Areas

EK Scaffolding are engaged in supplying Aluminum Scaffolding Ladders. These ladders are largely used in industrial applications. Cleaning, repairing, replacing and maintenance of the mechanical parts installed at tall machines are made possible using such stage scaffolding ladders.

Technical Specifications

Here is brochure of EK aluminum scaffolding ladder products. You can see step ladder, extension ladder and other related products from this brochure.

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